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Dissertation Example

Dissertation Examples, Dissertation Writing Ideas and Samples

Writing a dissertation on any topic and subject is a tricky task. The biggest challenge is the word count whereas for others it is the fast-approaching deadline on which professors show no mercy. However, despite all the hurdles coming up with a flawless dissertation ideas will help you go a step further towards achieving academic excellence and career goals. Taking a look at some of the dissertation examples will give you a brief idea. The team of subject matter experts at British Dissertation Help will help you prepare the task proficiently. Read on to know more.

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a prolonged writing task for university students at postgraduate and PhD levels with words ranging in between ten and twenty thousand words on a topic set by a department or one selected by the student. It is based on a concise investigation where plenty of existing theories is evaluated in the literature review section. Although, you will also get the opportunity to conduct meticulous research independently and come up with your own set of facts, data, and findings. 

Strategies to complete a dissertation on time

The deadline of submitting your dissertation may loom large and it may work at the back of your mind. But there are strategies to complete it flawlessly and punctually. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

  1. Choose a topic promptly in your master’s or PhD course 
  2. Make sure your topic is achievable in one year. 
  3. Create a lucid proclamation of your exploration problem and consolidate the choice of your project. 
  4. Set up a thesis timeline with accurate deadlines. 
  5. Initiate a regular work timetable and stick to it.
  6. Dedicate a minimum of five days a week to prepare the task impeccably. 
  7. Organize a workplace where the interruptions are negligible. 
  8. Adopt time management, launch everyday objectives and try to meet them. Bifurcate your time into researching, drafting, editing, formatting and referencing.
  9. Maintain an appropriate structure of the dissertation
  1. Keep grammatical and spelling mistakes at bay and type everything from scratch while drafting your dissertation paper.


Confused about the structure of the dissertation? With expertise and knowledge, you can be on the right track. Let’s find the exact structure of the paper.


It is where the summary of the research is depicted and provides facts about all the sections that are going to appear.


It highlights the aims and objectives of the investigation. It also includes a clear proclamation of the investigation questions.

Literature review 

It is one of the vital sections of dissertation writing. It consists of the existing theories conducted by authors from several journals. It evaluates all the appropriate studies and investigations that are already done by the other researchers and acts as evidence. 

Research Methodology 

The methodology unit will offer a thorough elucidation of the methods that you have utilized for conducting the entire research paper. The commonly used methodologies are observational, experimental, simulation, and derived.


The findings and analysis section will provide the outcome of the entire research paper. It adopts a succinct elucidation approach in creating the finding and exploration segment of the paper.


It highlights the main points of the research and summarizes each of them elaborately. It does not include any new facts.


The name of the authors is mentioned in a sequential order to curate the list of references.


The appendix part of the dissertation should feature or integrate appropriate images that will assist you to define the factors that are related to the research. 

Examples of dissertation topics for university students at masters and PhD levels

Go through the examples of dissertation topic, dissertation ideas in business management, accounts, law, history, economics, healthcare, geography, philosophy, and much more as suggested by our dissertation help experts.

  1. Evaluating the client management relationship in the financial sector
  2. Recent trends in the real estate industry and the in-depth analysis of the reasons behind it
  3. Exceptional human resource management tactics for staff satisfaction and productivity
  4. The impact of innovation in Technology in the management of restaurants
  5. Strategies for Developing Brand Awareness for Small Companies
  6. In-house vs External Audit: A Comparative Study
  7. Ethical Background of French Revolution and its occurrence
  8. An assessment of social setting of domestic violence against toddlers
  9. An analysis of political motives behind gender disparity
  10. An Analysis of Social Institutions from the perspective of Foucault’s
  11. Reasons for coastline erosion and ways to avert it
  12. Economic, social and political causes of Great Depression and its consequences
  13. The contribution of the world bank in the global economy: An in-depth analysis
  14. An appraisal of innovative evolving markets and predicting international economic changes.
  15. A comprehensive investigation on ways packaging impacts or boosts sales in the beauty industry
  16. An investigation on key strategies that attract foreign investment
  17. An analysis on business challenges faced by companies located worldwide
  18. An exploration on how income tax impacts small companies
  19. An evaluation of the globalization and engineering mass production in the retail industry
  20. A study into the role of branding impacts the choice of the buyers
  21. A study on expansion strategies for the public healthcare sector
  22. An assessment on modern Insight of Quantum Information Theory
  23. A study on incorporation of play-based treatment into child patients affected by trauma
  24. An analysis on predicting the explosion of volcanoes by using modern technology
  25. An exploration of the nebulousness of the legal system when it comes to political figures.
  26. An in-depth exploration of contemporary language learning tricks and tactics
  27. A study into generating a virtual reality: Is it a part of a masterpiece?
  28. An analysis of Stephen Hawking’s Influence on Black Holes Theory
  29. The significance of animal treatments for patients suffering from PTSD
  30. A look into the causes, risks and preventative measures of seasonal forest fires