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Consultancy in Practice


In this section of the report, the above topic has been discussed about the team managerial skills for the purpose of solving the problem of a business organization. In this assigned task, the main aspect is to produce a reflective style with the intention of evaluating developmental skills and learning. In this perspective, I need to give emphasis upon the competencies which I have progressed myself in order to maintain the decorum and sustenance of an enterprise. Following are some of the relevant skills and competencies which I need to describe as an effective team manager for the growth of my personal and professional development. The main aspect of this individual report is to refine the effective leadership and managerial qualities in order to fulfil the predetermined aims and objectives of business.  

Competencies required for solving the problems of business

Communication skills: As a team leader of an organization, I have developed my communication and interactive skills which will enable the business enterprise to resolve serious and complicated issues and thereby acquire positive results in the long-run (Carmona et al. 2020). Moreover, I have inculcated within myself such kind of communicative skills so that the business can prosper and ultimately acquire fruitful results. Initially, I have lagged behind in communication skills but gradually as the time progressed I have acknowledged my weakness and prepared myself to boost my career and thereby enhance my professional development skills. For this reason, the business project has been executed or formulated to enhance the professional interactive skills with the client for the expansion of business operations.

Data Analysis and Findings

Along with this, the effective time managerial skills is also required to accomplish the work within a stipulated framework (Pei and Lin, 2019). Working together as a team and leadership attributes with the help of group discussion and logical skills has offered a holistic approach to maximise the scale and size of business operations. Moreover, these are the relevant skills and competencies which I have gathered as a team manager for the purpose of fulfilling the predetermined aims and objectives of business.    

Managerial competencies: With reference to individual reports, I have progressed myself some of the effective managerial skills and competencies for the successful growth of a business organization. Imbibing managerial competencies has become an indispensable and major factor to accentuate the development of business. As stated by White (2017), without effective managerial skills I cannot develop my personality and due to this reason it hinders my advancement in career and does not give me a golden opportunity to achieve excellence. Hence, I have firmly decided within myself that in order to develop my inherent capabilities I have to acquire immense theoretical and practical knowledge to tackle the serious hurdles which obstruct the business opportunity towards growth.

Analysis On External Judicial Practice And Internal Governance Mechanism

Moreover, as a team manager I have specifically gathered immense knowledge regarding the human resource selection practices    

Effective time management skills: Being a team leader in a successful business organization the main task which I have developed within myself is effective time management skills. During my personal and professional development plan I have applied these capabilities within myself so as to help the organization to excel in its business and thereby acquire added advantage which helps to boost productivity, sales and thereby generate profitability in the long-run. Moreover, inculcating these skills has enabled me to acquire extraneous knowledge regarding how to manage time effectively.

Things not known before initiating business process

Negotiation skills: The next major point briefly illustrates the process which I wasn’t aware of before the execution of business operations. Following main significant points has been described below:

As a team leader, the successful implementation of business operations depends primarily on the negotiation skills (Alharahsheh and Pius, 2021). Initially I was not aware about the negotiation skills that how to develop and what are the skills and techniques required to accelerate my professional development. Now gradually as the time progressed, I have built my inner confidence and ability so that wherever I would get placed I would be able to manage my skills within a stipulated period of time.

Leadership skills: The growth of any business enterprise depends on the effective leadership skills and competencies. The main loopholes or disadvantages which I have faced in the business management system is the lack of leadership approaches and this have kept me aside to fulfil the business goals and objectives in the long-run (Wynn, 2018). Gradually with the passage of time, I have witnessed within myself some of the disadvantages and weaknesses which have obstructed my progress. These leadership skills I was totally unaware of and have soon realised and learned from my mistakes. 

Enhancement of confidence needs to be developed

In this individual report, the main issue which has been addressed is that the team managers have enhanced a spirit of confidence to upgrade and thereby bring about innovative ideas for the prosperity of business organization. I, as an effective team manager, have adopted different strategies and techniques to enhance my level of confidence and create innovative ideas which might prove successful for the development of business (Aguinis and Gabriel, 2021). In other words, in order to improve my confidence in skills and abilities I have further studied that imbibing and inculcating personal and professional development skills will give me the golden opportunity to excel in the formulation of business activities. Developing my confidence skills requires perseverance and inner strengths to acknowledge my weakness and thereby move a step ahead to excel in my career as a team leader posit

Systematic application of learning techniques for the advancement of career

As a team manager, the main initial task to promote the business strategies is to make an adequate roadmap for ensuring the success of the business organization. Moreover, in order to enhance my professional and learning capabilities I have adopted some innovative learning strategies so as to enable the business to achieve excellence (Malinda, 2019). Acquiring a wide pool of knowledge requires accumulation of relevant skills and competencies then only this would enable an enterprise to acquire desirable results. In other words, for the professional development of my career I have procured managerial and leadership skills and this would help me to bring about a positive impact in an organization. Such are the relevant illustrations and have been critically evaluated in this individual report.

Task 2

Competencies Activities to be taken Period of time
Marketing and innovative skills In order to acquire successful results for the development of a career some activities and skills need to be recognized for acquiring positive results. These skills need to be developed further so that the personal and professional development to lead the business becomes easier and convenient. Initially, I had no such abundant knowledge about the innovative and marketing skills but as the time progressed I have realised my weakness and have developed this innovative and marketing skills.  To develop my innovative and marketing competencies for the further enhancement of my career within a stipulated period of time it took one year and six months.
Effective leadership skills The next skill which needs to be recognized for the development of a business career which requires further improvisation is the inculcation of effective leadership attributes or qualities. Hence, in order to fill this gap certain areas need to be developed and other essential activities need to be followed for the purpose of acquiring desirous results in business career.    After the successful execution of business activities the further enhancement of leadership skills took nearly two years. 
Professionalized interaction The other competency which needs to be recognized is the professional system of communication or interaction. Initially, due to lack of theoretical and practical knowledge I was unable to decide and made an unrealistic approach in my business career. So, in order to address such issues due to which it hinders progress in my professional career. Hence, for this reason I have adopted a comprehensive and concrete approach and this would enable me to uplift my business career goals and objectives. For the purpose of developing my professionalized interactive skills and competencies and at the same time for the enhancement of my career it generally took two years and seven months to refine my professional skills. 

Task 3

Qualities\ Skills Data or relevant information collected from CV
Interactive or communicative  skills I have accumulated interactive skills or competencies through my involvement in team work or group discussion during the course of my study.
Effective leadership and managerial skills I have acquired effective leadership and managerial skills through taking active participation in working together as a group.  
Good speaking and listening skills I have developed good speaking and listening skills and have adjusted myself according to the difficult situations.

Appendix 1

CV (Graduate level job)

Name: Angelina D’Souza

Date of birth: 17.8. 1998

Email ID: [email protected]

Mobile number: 9876754382

Educational qualifications: 

  1. Passed School from Higher Middle School of Studies
  2. Passed College from Oxford University London
  3. Acquired Diploma and Master’s Degree of MBA “ Masters of Business Administration”

Working background or experience

  1. Worked as a Finance Development Manager in a renowned Private limited Company.
  2. Possess seven months experience as a Public Relation Officer in a firm.
  3. Acquired good and sound knowledge in handling the queries of both marketing and sales processes. 


Name of the student: Valentina Romania

Born: United States of America

Date of birth: 3.7.1994

Email ID: [email protected]

Mobile: 0149699533

Educational Qualifications

Feb 2017- 2021 Oxford University

BA (Hons) Undergraduate Degree Courses Management

August- December:  EDGWARE

2018 Skills qualified in English at Level 1

August 2008 till March 2010: Olivetti I.I.S.C Higher Secondary School

Jan 2011 till July 2012: Acquired Certificate Courses in advanced level of Computer Applications

August 2013 till September 2014: Diploma obtained in Middle School

Skills\Competencies on Software

  • Effective leadership qualities
  • Acquired business management courses
  • Sound Knowledge of finances
  • Effective interactive and sales skills
  • Analytical and logical skills
  • Possess good knowledge and experience about sales


Roman- Native

Italian- Possess adequate language regarding written and spoken language

English- Well-versed in speaking fluently in English


April 2017: Worked as Business Manager in a Private limited Company

  • Effectively managed the administrative functions of business
  • Enabled the business organization to acquire profits
  • Closely supervises the internal structure of business
  • Managed the books of accounts, Trading about imports and exports of business

September 2018 till May 2019: Worked as a Finance Manager in a renowned Company

  • Checked the reports of financial performance of business
  • Provided an effective strategies and techniques to boost the scale and size of business
  • Taken the foremost responsibility to supervise the activities of finance department

August 2019 till December 2020: Supervisor of a private limited Company

  • Checked the quality of products
  • Critically evaluated and measured the productivity and sales of business

Feb 2021 to November 2021: Business Productive Manager

  • Increased the productivity and operations of business
  • Coordinated and evaluated the factors of production and also generated profitability


Carmona, J., Daniel, J.L., Delcoure, N.N. and Longoria, C.A., 2020. Professional Career Readiness in Undergraduate Business Program. Journal of Higher Education Theory & Practice20(12).

White, B.J., 2017. A leadership and professional development teaching and learning model for undergraduate management programs. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice17(4), pp.57-74.

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Malinda, M., 2019. Learning Methods of Business Plan subject to Increase Entrepreneurial Skill, Entrepreneurial Intention and Entrepreneurial Spirit of Students. International Journal of Information and Education Technology9(11), pp.810-814.

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