Students stage walkouts over cost-of-living and accommodation crises

On Thursday, students protested the housing and cost of living difficulties by leaving campuses all throughout the nation. British Dissertation Help is a professional academic writing service providing company, which provides dissertation and assignment help to many university and college students. This time is it bringing you the news about how and why students staged walkouts in protest of the housing and cost-of-living crises. British

Part-time Jobs

Finding the correct part-time job

PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT is selected for a variety of reasons, such as balancing work and family obligations, expanding a freelance career or business, exploring new professions, or accepting a part-time position in the hopes of moving up to a full-time one. Whatever your motivation, there are a few things to think about when searching for part-time


Cambridge University Sets up Campaign to Help Students

In response to the sixth student fatality this year, Cambridge University has started a campaign pushing suffering students to get help. In 2022, there has already been one confirmed student suicide at the university and five more are suspected. The new Reach Out campaign, according to Natalie Acton, director of student support, aims to motivate