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Global Strategic Operations, Markets and Resources

1. Introduction

The above topic has been mainly discussed about evaluating the growth of business activities and thereby enhancing the performances of finances to assure both short and long term success. The position of business easily acquired competitive advantage and boosted the availability of resources. Skilful retention of consumers is the main factor that ensures the operational growth of business.       

2. Organizational Background (100)

3. Findings and Analysis (1700)

3.1 Area of developing more efficient operations to leverage competitive advantage[3] 

Strengths The main strength of operational business management is that it has acquired competitive advantage through the availability of innovative and technological resources. Another main strength is that due to the inclusion of innovative branded products available in the business market, Company can generate profitability.   Threats Due to the existence of new rules and rival competitors, the interests of consumers get threatened on account of the illegal business policies. As consumers remain dissatisfied, the internal structure of business gets affected and this has been considered a major threatening factor in a business organization. 
Weaknesses One of the main weaknesses faced by the operational management business is the non-availability of financial resources and mismanagement in carrying out the business operations. Due to inadequate finances and inclusion of outdated products is a weak factor that hinders the growth of the company.      Opportunities The business management operations require the opportunities to expand the size of business activities. Segmentation of markets has provided opportunities to explore the launch of new technologies in business.    

 Table 1: SWOT Analysis

(Source: Created by learner)

Rationale for selecting the area for improvement[4] 

Operational based management enables the business organization to administer the activities of business and thereby create possibilities to enhance the productivity and sales of business. Such kind of operations regarding the business is mainly fostered to develop the successful results of business enterprise. Effective evaluation of policies requires sustainable management of business operations and increases the overall profitability and growth of business (Chen, 2021). This requires a careful systematic and comprehensive platform to boost the business towards the era of sustainability. Moreover, in this modern era of globalized environment, discussion regarding sustenance has become a major factor of concern for implementing the strategies of business.

For carrying out the business activities sustainable growth of business is essential to promote productivity, sales and thereby generate profitability in the long run. Sustenance in business shows a positive effect on the structural framework of society. Although there is a positive impact on business yet it addresses some of the negative issues like changes in climate, inequalities of income and the natural resources getting depleted (Gao and Chen, 2021). A continuous review of business reports has been critically evaluated for both short and long term. The main motto of operational management is to evaluate the financial condition of business, provide satisfaction to consumers and to retain consumers.

Data Analysis and Findings

This becomes easily accessible to assess the kind of business organization, create a survey of the market, acquire a competitive edge in the business environment and foster the proliferation of resources. In other words, the main purpose of assignment is to form a report based on global operations of business (Butėnas, 2018). It also recognizes sustainable business practices in order to launch any services or products. To fulfil the areas of business ethics and guidelines, to provide authentic service to customers a competitive base has been formed for ensuring the survival of business operations. Besides this, to drive changes in business modules for the contribution of an enterprise initiatives for sustenance is significant.   

3.2 Development of operational strategy based on the area of improvement[5] 

To enhance the sustainability of business enterprise, developing strategies for operational activities is the most concerning factor to expand the size and scale of business. Assessing the structures of a firm, an operational theory is required to be justified to prove the above statement (Jingyu, 2020). Such a kind of operational based theory has adopted different strategies to administer the rules and regulations of business and promote the launch of products and services.

  • Designing of products and services
  • Systematic flow of financial resources
  • Planning to generate the goal of business
  • Expansion of innovative technologies
  • Effective management of supply chain
  • Improvements required for operational business

To increase the systems of business operations, the company might be small or large depending on the effective execution and implementation of business modules. This kind of management based operational practices has enhanced the output and profitability of business and due to the advancement in modern technology standard quality goods and services can be easily progressed or developed. The list of operational managerial theories has been briefly discussed below:

Process of business management: The managerial operations of business requires the synchronising pattern of contributions performed by different departments to manage the overall structure of business. Through automated software resources, the process of operational management is primarily engaged to execute right decisions for generating profitability in business (Wen et al. 2019). This process of business management theories helps to review, analyse and optimise the growth of business enterprises. Various kinds of steps have also been involved to optimize the internal structure of business. Effective evaluation of productivity, requires the upliftment of both innovative and technological resources.      

Reboosting the process of business: The process of boosting business operations is a basic paradigm to operate the growth of business. It proliferates the advancement in modern technology to reboost the business policies and thereby transform the growth of organization.  

Sigma of business policies: Sigma of business analytics is a business based instrument to eliminate the chances of error in the process of manufacturing. This has been mainly used to define the main task and also to regulate the structural policies of business.

Sustainable management of business: This kind of sustainable operational management theory, covers mainly the process of sustainable supply chain (Davidov and Globerson, 2021). Due to changes in climate and vast rate of globalization, the urgent need of the hour is to stress on business sustainable goals and enhance supply chain. Most of the business enterprises consider this as the main component that adds an extra value and advantage to become a successful business enterprise.

Supply chain management: The process of supply management is mainly concerned with supervising or evaluating the uninterrupted channel of products or services, converting the raw-materials into finished products (Zhang, et al. 2019). It primarily engages in developing the business process and retaining the customers for the purpose of driving productivity, sales and generating profitability. The main intention is to reduce the wastage of essential resources and drive profitability in operations management.

Estimating the value of customers to maximise the activities of marketing:

Critical evaluation regarding the retention of customers gets optimized in a pattern of inculcating marketing strategies to generate strategic sustainability and acquire a competitive efficiency in a business. The parameters of business requires to comprehend the tactics so that the business prosper on account of correct execution regarding marketing policies in the long-run (Butėnas, 2018). Moreover, to acquire competitive advantage in a business scenario strategies have to be framed to ensure sustainability and satisfy the urgent needs and requirements of customers. The marketing process in operating business closely analyses the existing conditions of market,   

Reflecting the sustainable marketing trends for organizational growth:

The critical evaluation of sustainability in marketing trends is essential towards the successful growth of an enterprise. Such kind of strategic practices and policies are essential to promote the norms of business and enhance the marketing procedures to grow the developmental goals of business (Jingyu, 2020). This process of operational management has clearly reflected the trends of sustainability for accelerating operational growth. 

Recommendations (100)

  • It has been mainly recommended that business organisations must promote adequate sustainable business practices to generate productivity and sales in business.
  • After critical evaluation and analysis, it has been recommended that companies must develop the tactics of innovations and technologies for fostering the trends of marketing.
  • Based on the given recommendations, it has been stated that in order to develop strategies within an organization defining the factors of sustainability is the main concern in evaluating the performance of business. 

Conclusion (50)

Based on the given report, it has been concluded the growth of operational and business management in an organization. The main relevant points that have been highlighted are the recognition of different areas for leveraging competitive advantage in business and promoting marketing strategies to ensure sustainability in an enterprise.


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