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Hacking The Human ICA Specification

1. Introduction

Most businesses nowadays are facing cyber security breaches that could affect the profit margins and the reputation of the shops. Here, the breach is related to “All things Fibres” where Jill and Kate did not recognize the threats they could face in their upcoming business. The women who were interested in their business were trusted by Jill as she booked a workshop for her and trusted her despite warnings. The attack vector and their channels are discussed here along with the proposed channels for the breaches.

2. Part 1

A method where the computer channels are hacked illegally by the computer expected to cause a major data breach is known as an Attack Vector. As opined by Lin et al.(2020), this is one of the most threatening data breaches as the login credentials are hacked by the hackers and they could make use of the confidential data to launch attacks.

Data Analysis and Findings

Here, Jill trusted the old women and shared many pieces of information about their business and their cyber security is not too impressive to save their business. The women claimed to receive false products with fake messaging to harass the fibre business of Jill and Kate. This was their fault as they believed an outsider and shared their credentials. The human sentiment that is targeted here is emotional belief in an old woman who seems to be interested in colorful items.

3. Part 2

The first recommendation to avoid such a kind of cyber breach is that business owners should not trust any customer blindly. According to Nie et al.(2020), the purpose and operations of the business are not meant to be shared with an outsider as phishing attempts could be made. The business needs to have compromised credentials so that outside attacks could be avoided. Data encryption needs to be safe with an installed cloud computing method. Dave, the computer analyst needs to be more careful to avoid such breaches with essential IT equipment for cyber security.

4. Part 3

The science that relates to studying human behaviour with the use of technologies is important in organizations nowadays. Jill likes to interact with the public for sharing the views and ideas of her business, but she does not understand human behaviour. The old woman seems to be interested in the colourful items but her motive was conducting a breach for the company. According to Xu et al.(2018), communication and behavioural skills are linked with each other as the major issues could be analysed with the help of becoming a behavioural analyst. Jill needs to have this criterion as she is the workshop owner and interacts with the customers often.

5. Conclusion

The topic discussed here is the cyber breaches that could leave a bad impact on the companies that do not have strong cyber security. Here, the fibre company by the two friends was a startup and this negligence’s resulted in a vital attack vector. The issues that are explained above could be mitigated by installing good cyber security services by Dave, who is a computer analyst. The IT software needs to be covered with strong credentials to avoid data breaches at any cost along with a human behavior analysis to understand the emotions of the customers.


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