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Professional Development


Two different areas of reflection

The experience that I have had throughout the MBA coursework was great. This experience helped me to enhance my different skills of professional development. The placement experiences that I have gone through during the course work also helped me to analyze the different working cultures of several business organizations. This also supports me to develop my communicative approaches. Therefore, I have gone through different challenges that I have faced throughout the coursework (Khan and Masrek, 2017). I have faced the issues that are associated with the improper leadership approach and the issues with the job flexibility of different companies. I think I did not have sufficient preparation for applying for a placement. I think this will impact my academic career and it will also leave a huge impact on the factors that are associated with my future career aspects.

Application pack preparation and placement application journey

Description of Rolfe’s reflective model

Rolfe’s reflective model is based on three different factors such as “what”, “so what” and “now what”. The involvement of these three different factors helps to figure out the problems behind the incident. As a result, it will help to measure the necessary actions that are associated with self-development. The involvement of Rolfe’s reflective model also supports the analysis of the situation. The self-perspective regarding a certain situation can be analyzed through the support of Rolfe’s reflective model. The factors that are associated with Rolfe’s reflective model also support analyzing the way of improvement while identifying the required factors (, 2021).


As per my experience, I think the involvement of Rolfe’s reflective model helped me enough to identify the problems that are associated with my professional development. Throughout the journey of my MBA classes, I have felt that the involvement of Rolfe’s reflective model helped me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I think while knowing my inner strengths I can make more progress in my professional development. Self-awareness is considered one of the key aspects of emotional intelligence (Rolfe, 2019). However, all these factors supported me to identify the factors that will help me to develop my skill of professional development. I think the core benefit of utilizing Rolfe’s reflective model is clarity and simplicity. Therefore, it helped me to make the immediate actions that will help me to develop the professional development


The involvement of Rolfe’s reflective model also helped me to evaluate the factors that are associated with self-professional development. As I have mentioned before, the involvement of three different stages supports evaluating the factors that are associated with self-professional development. However, throughout the coursework, I have maintained all the stages that are associated with self-development. However, the involvement of the concerning factor supported me to analyze my abilities that are associated with professional skills.


As per my experience, I will need to develop different factors such as communication skills, the skill of time management and managerial skill. However, through the support of Rolfe’s reflective model I have analyzed that, I have a well-developed skill in communicating approaches. During my entire MBA session, I have perfectly communicated with all of my co-learners and with the teachers. Therefore, I have also analyzed that I will need to make improvements in the factors that are associated with my time management skill. Another thing that I must rectify is my managerial skill. However, now I must describe the factors that helped me to recognize the factors that I just need to be developed.

Data Analysis and Findings

During the entire coursework, I have analyzed that I have some issues associated with time management. The matter drew my attention at the time when I noticed that I am getting late to submit all my academic projects. Therefore, it indicated to me that I will need to rectify my skill of time management. Therefore, I also noticed I will need to make more improvements in my managerial skill. During the journey with my MBA study, I have noticed in some aspects I was messed up to manage my projects (Mckenna, 2019). Therefore, this situation leads me to think that I will need to develop my managerial skills. I think I must make a more proper analysis of the factors that are associated with the self-development skill myself. This self-assessment helped me to learn the perfect involvement of the managerial skill and time management skills. However, while making improvements in these skills I can make more development in my career development aspects. However, some situations concern me about my condition. Here, I must describe the situation that leads me to become concerned about the factors associated with improper time management and the lack of managerial skill. The personal development programming theory or literature helped me to relate this.

The involvement of different approaches will help me to evaluate my skills that are associated with professional development. I think I must develop my body language skills. This will help me to make more prominent development in my skill of communication. Therefore, making communication with people from different cultural backgrounds and enhancing the habit of listening to others will help me to develop my communication skill. Therefore, as I have mentioned that I will need to make more development in my time management skill. Therefore, I have planned to start all of my tasks and I have planned to maintain a short time goal for completing all of my tasks. Therefore, the involvement of strong decision-making skills will help me to develop my managerial skill (, 2021).

Analysis On External Judicial Practice And Internal Governance Mechanism

I think the support of my co-learners and teachers will help me to develop all these professional development skills of mine. I have also recognized the factors that can help me in future to develop my professional skills. I must avoid unnecessary comments while communicating with others. I must avoid being late or delaying a job to develop my skill of time management. I must avoid being confused while making a decision. I think while taking the other’s advice I can develop my managerial skills. All these aspects are helping me in advance with my future career development. I think this self-assessment aspect of mine will also help others to develop their academic and professional skills. However, I must consider that in future aspects of my career development I may face different challenges that are associated with my career journey. I think I can face problems due to the language barrier in the global context, therefore I can face different problems that are associated with time management aspects. Therefore, I must maintain a strategy that will help me to develop my career in future. However, according to personal development programming theory, I will need to analyze the other’s professional behaviour. This will help to make more development in my future aspects.


The involvement of Rolfe’s reflective model helped me to develop my future skills of career development. The involvement of the three different factors also helped me develop professional skill growth.

Reflection on the Development of personal resilience

Description of Gibbs model

In this assignment, the Gibbs reflective model has been practically applied to assess the six components of self-reflective that covers the exploration of experiences, describing the emotions and feelings that were faced during the academic career and job. This model reflects the practical image regarding the enhancement of personal and professional development (Sekarwinahyu et al. 2019). I was an MBA student has an incessant passion to describe the conditions or circumstances vividly and distinctly. I have firmly decided to pursue these courses and have enrolled myself in a renowned institute to acquire immense knowledge about business management administration courses.

Gradually, in that educational institution, I have been given an assignment and was also instructed to work together as a team. The experience that I have learnt was a bit difficult for me because during pursuing my coursework the senior classmates did not cooperate. All the professors and classmates were present but I could not describe such feelings before them. The task that was given to me is to accomplish it but the matter of concern is that the members of the team have not been guided regarding the completion of the assignment. Throughout my academic career, I had a bitter experience and this I have described in a nutshell (Kallarackar and Thomas, 2020).


A systematic evaluation of feelings is required to be described as an MBA student. In such an institution, I have realised earlier that there was a lack of cooperation and mismanagement in educational premises. Later on, after a few days, I came to know that there is a split in work and this has energized me to work hard towards the completion of academic projects (Coenders and Verhoef, 2019). The situation becomes difficult to be overcome later as there is no one to guide about the lessons based on business management practices. Overall, from that time onwards I put in extra effort to drive away from my weakness and emphasize strong academic and professional skills.


As an academic learner, the main significant point that drives my utmost attention is to evaluate both the bad and good experiences during learning my MBA courses. Initially, the learning experiences that I have gathered did not prove to be fruitful. The reason is that my senior classmates have not helped me regarding the calculation of finances in business courses (Ragan, 2018). Even educators have not given any extra time to resolve issues or clarify doubts concerning lessons on business management. The only positive experience that I have imbibed within myself is that I put extra effort into rectifying my issues and creating chalk out a plan to enhance my learning career (Fabriz et al. 2021).


To analyze the professional development plan, a systematic analysis and a comprehensive approach are required to be described. According to the Gibbs Reflective Model, I as an MBA student have nurtured my communication, time management and managerial skills (Priddis and Rogers, 2018). Although it requires a lot of time to grasp such attributes, I have put in strenuous efforts to achieve excellence in my academic career. Earlier, I can acknowledge that certain situations proved to be positive and other points that proved to be detrimental in my academic career. After analysing I came to a conclusion that is required to strengthen my weakness.

I have also learnt about making effective decisions to make an independent career in the stream of MBA courses. Initially, I was unable to decide firmly about my career and later on, I understood that pursuing a master in Business Administration is most in-demand and has a prestigious career. Getting enrolled in such courses has given me a golden opportunity to enhance my inherent talent and grow my academic learning career (Drude et al. 2019).


In enhancing the professionalized skills, conclusions can be easily derived regarding the situations during the lifetime period of my academic career. To summarize the process of learning experiences, I have acquired both theoretical and practical knowledge about the business management courses, procured relevant skills or competencies. The entire experience in my learning curriculum was good and I have learnt to develop my managerial and time management skills. This has created a positive impact in my life and has learnt about different situations to tackle effectively. Based on the given conclusion, I have learnt one thing: to work together as a team and thereby complete the work in a stipulated period.

Figure 1: Gibbs reflective Cycle

(Source: By learner)


The involvement of different strategic practices will help me to develop the aspects of my career growth. The involvement of Rolfe’s reflective model and Gibbs model also helped me to make development in my professional development skills. I think communication skill and the perfect leadership approach leaves a great impact on the aspects of professional development. I think making more improvement on my academic skills and communication skills will help me to make more progress in future.

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Appendix 1: PDP table

Need of learning and development  Type of the development The timescale Responsible person  Comments
I will need to make more development in my skill of communication with the stakeholders  Communication Within the next three months The main responsible persons for enhancing the personal and professional development skills are the educational counsellors.  Making more communicating approach with the people from different language background and different professional background will help to develop my skill of communication
I think I am a little poor at time management. Therefore, I will be need to make more development in my skill of time management Time management Need six months to make development in the time management skill In my opinion, the main responsibility to educate and train the educational learners lies on professional experts as they possess sound knowledge on professional development skills.   Maintaining a short time management goal will help me to develop my skill of time management. 
In my opinion, I consider that due to lack of managerial skills the progress regarding my promotion stands still. Hence, to overcome such issues I need some improvement to enhance my professional skills  Effective managerial approach   It requires hardly nine months for further development of my managerial skills  As per my opinion, the sole person that is responsible to give guidance to learners are team members in an educational organization   I will need to make more development in my decision making skill. Therefore, the involvement of the perfect self awareness approach will help me to develop my managerial approach. 

(Source: Self made)