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MBA Dissertation

Dissertation is an unavoidable part of management studies, that requires a lot of hard work and time. Obtaining guidance from the dissertation experts for writing your dissertation paper will make your way easy to complete your dissertation. This article, presented by the British Dissertation group is going to provide you with examples of writing MBA dissertations. These examples will surely help you to complete your MBA dissertation in a hassle-free manner. So, let’s have a look at the following part.

Some basic tips to write an MBA dissertation

The following section will provide some basic tips that will help you to develop a quality dissertation. You must keep all the following things in your mind before starting a dissertation paper.

Tip 1: Choose a relevant and realistic dissertation topic.

Tip 2: Analyze all the required data that is associated with the research topic before starting your dissertation paper.

Tip 3: Choose an applicable research method

Tip 4: Maintain a perfect dissertation structure. The structure must be included with different chapters and sub-points.

Tip 5: You must avoid grammatical errors and be concerned about plagiarism while writing your dissertation paper.

Tip 6: Provide a table of content, a list of tables, a list of figures in your dissertation paper and page numbers to make your dissertation paper more attractive.

Tip 7: Add appropriate references in your dissertation to make your research paper convenient.

Tip 8: Last but not the least, you must provide an appropriate and attractive dissertation title on the eve of writing your dissertation. This supports the attention of the readers.

Tip 9: Add some figures and an appendix for describing your research outcomes.

The structure of a dissertation

The dissertation structure is considered as the base of the dissertation, the heart of your presentation relies on the dissertation. A correct dissertation structure easily wins over the teacher’s appreciation. So, here we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guidance on constructing a dissertation structure.


The abstract is considered one of the essential parts of writing a dissertation. Here you will need to provide a concise summary of the dissertation paper. This must be included with a glance at the research method that you have utilized for completing your dissertation paper.


Chapter one of the dissertation paper consists of the introduction part. This chapter will provide basic information on the research paper. Provide the aim and objectives of the research paper in the introduction chapter of your dissertation. The research hypothesis must be included in chapter one of the dissertation paper.

Literature review

Chapter two of the dissertation paper must be included with the literature review section. This section helps to analyze all the relevant research that is already done by the other researchers. This is the most important part of a dissertation. This chapter acts as the evidence of your research. The literature review section of a dissertation must be included with the following sections: Provide an introduction of the Literature review, add the conceptual framework, analyze the concept of dependent and independent variables, empirical study, Theories and models of dependent and independent variables, Factors, Challenges, analyze the relationship between dependent and independent variables, explain the gap of literature, lastly provide a conclusion of the literature review section.

Research methodology

The research methodology section is another essential part of the research methodology. This section helps to describe the method of the research that is utilized by the researcher. You can utilize any of the following research methods according to the requirement. Primary research method, secondary research method and mixed research method. The research methodology must include the following section as Introduction of the research methodology, method outline, research onion, research philosophy, research approach, research strategy, research design, research method, research ethics, data collection method, research limitations, time horizon, and conclusion.

Data analysis

Data analysis is the main aspect of writing a dissertation paper. This section helps to generate the outcome of the entire research procedure. All the data gathered by the researcher will be analyzed in the concerning part of the research paper. This section has different sections like Introduction, analysis and conclusion.

Recommendation and conclusion

Recommendation and conclusion is the last chapter of the research paper. This section helps to provide future recommendations on the research topic. As a result, it will help the future researcher to make further research on the concerning research topic. This chapter is included with the sections that will introduce the future recommendation, link your research objectives with the research outcome, analyze the future scope of the research topic, future recommendations, Conclusion.

Reference list

Provide a list of references that you have utilized throughout the entire research procedure. This is another essential part of the dissertation paper.

Following the above-mentioned dissertation structure will help you to perfectly complete your dissertation paper.

Some examples of MBA dissertation topic ideas

The following section will provide you with some examples of the best dissertation topics for MBA students.

    • Make comprehensive research on the significance of auditing on the large-scale business organization
    • Analyze the contribution of virtual supply chain management facilities in aspects of the short-term business collaboration
    • Make a close analysis on the rapid growth of the globalized microfinance
    • Analyze the characteristics of customization and personalization in aspects of the digital relationship marketing in the era of Covid 19
    • Analyze the impact of information technology on the globalized business developing context, also analyze its impact on the future business developing aspects
    • Analyze the impact of information technology in the globalized business aspects.
    • Analyze long term risk management strategies in aspects of the banking industries
    • Analyze the method of implementing different human resource management strategies in a business organization

You can choose any of the above-mentioned MBA dissertation topics for completing your research paper on business management. If you require future support for choosing your MBA dissertation topic, then you must visit the website of the British dissertation help, here you will get several topic lists based on the MBA dissertation paper.