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Architecture Dissertation Topics

100 Wonderful Architecture Dissertation topics help that you will surely not like to miss

Selecting a topic for your architecture dissertation as an undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD student is tricky because your degree is at stake. A good and engaging topic will assure that your arguments are solid. If you pick a dissertation topic help that you feel comfortable with, writing your final draft will be easier. Since architectural topics are based on innovation and technology, you need to have some know-how and delve deeper.

Architecture Dissertation Topics ideas related to recent market trends

  1. Calculating the right quantity of restrooms is when constructing a huge public venue.
  2. Transforming a city through structural design.
  3. Making optimum use of small areas and regions
  4. Building a house for a close-knit family.
  5. Discuss the differentiation in the blueprint of houses in chilly climates and hot climates.
  6. Advantages of using technological models in architectural diagrams.
  7. A precise report of an architectural model that will turn out to be attractive to a spiritual customer.
  8. Discuss the nature of middle-class architecture and its place in contemporary society.
  9. Including components of well-known architects without emulating their work.
  10. Energizing architecture and its implications
  11. Architecture and the family. The requirement for proximity and confidentiality
  12. A study on building an efficient infrastructure for the public
  13. Building keeping in mind the Climate Change
  14. How does Net Zero Design work? Reflecting on the principles
  15. Micro-Construction trends for the upcoming years: A critical analysis
  16. Evaluating the use of renewable sources of energy for heating and cooling systems
  17. A study on self-sustainment of urban ecosystems.

Architectural dissertation topics help involving technology

  1. Significance of project management by utilizing the latest technology for achieving the results
  2. A comparative study of construction regulations and standards in different countries around the world, and effects of technology
  3. A sketch and synopsis of some of the most essential architectural blueprints in the 21st century
  4. What will be the construction materials of the future? A profound analysis
  5. The popularity of different construction methods have over time and exploring the factors that have impacted the reputation of these methods
  6. A critical assessment to what degree have CAD software has transformed how architectural technology is used during designing a construction project?
  7. Utilization of environmental technologies in modern-day architecture
  8. A comparative study on how environmentally friendly structures constructed in the 21st century to those erected in the early stages of the 20th century
  9. What constructive impacts have taken place in modern times due to the advent of architectural technology? An in-depth research

Architecture Dissertation Topics ideas that deals with designing of buildings and public places

  1. A review of the erection of waterfront property
  2. An in-depth analysis on the development of low-cost house projects
  3. A critique on the building of heritage museums
  4. Creating a design of an airport
  5. Conceptualizing the architecture for cinema halls
  6. Designing high-rise buildings and skyscrapers
  7. Creation of uptown homes for a living
  8. Aquarium-developing plan and presentation
  9. Designing studio for gaming and animation
  10. Creation of film city: An assessment
  11. Lightning excellence centre
  12. Planning and implementation of ideas for creating a marine park
  13. Analyzing the structure of the MTRS station
  14. Creation of convention centre
  15. Museum of modern art: Designing and executing the plan
  16. Setting up the automobile training centre
  17. Planning and construction adhering to the rules of Archaeological survey institute
  18. Construction of bus stoppages and business complex
  19. Creation and designing opulent beachside apartments
  20. Deigning of bioclimatic structures by using solar energy and eco-friendly sources
  21. Creating the layout of a library and multi-use plaza project
  22. An investigation into cruise terminal blueprint and planning
  23. Designing cricket stadiums with a vision
  24. Creation of Media centre
  25. Developing the layout for tourist resorts
  26. Creation of educational institute for countryside children
  27. Challenges and complications involved in planning and designing schools
  28. Developing the blueprint of public and entertainment spaces for the advantage of the socio-cultural growth
  29. Creating the layout of the boutique hotel
  30. Developing a vision for Backyard Housing
  31. Designing and developing an Interactive children’s park and recreational area
  32. Creation of hotel and spa for urban community

Can virtual learning enhance attainment and the learning experience

Architecture Dissertation Topics help revolving around infrastructure projects and materials science

  1. Establishing the link between architecture and urban development.
  2. Creating building are equipped with climate control features
  3. Fatigue in large-scale edifice constructions.
  4. Concrete, steel and glass buildings: A comparative study between them
  5. Hydraulics and marine technology: How do both go hand in hand?
  6. Planning and layout and construction of bridges
  7. Architecture related to metal science and technology
  8. Concrete building technology and its advantages
  9. Sophisticated fibrous materials and compounds used in planning and designing of buildings
  10. Strength and sustainability of construction materials used in architectural projects
  11. Sophisticated material characterization procedures
  12. Rupture and damage mechanics in buildings
  13. Multi-scale modelling of building materials

Architecture dissertation topics ideas that are proven


  1. What lessons should contemporary Architects take from the Ancestors?
  2. Tracing back at the well-known Architects of the 20th century.
  3. . The link between architecture and engineering
  4. How to take advantage of the light when setting up a building?
  5. Keeping up safety on building locations
  6. How did primordial Egyptians have an effect on contemporary architects?
  7. Issues faced during the planning and constructing buildings and ways to defeat them.
  8. How does an intense climatic situation have an effect on the toughness of Buildings?
  9. Are the Architects reasonably paid? An in-depth analysis
  10. The major Advantages and Disadvantages of building Vertical homes
  11. A study on the main differences between Architecture in the USA and Europe.
  12. . The unique configuration of edifices in the Czech Republic.
  13. The impact of early Greece on contemporary Architecture.
  14. How does Technology assist in the construction of buildings?
  15. How to merge shop and Studio Naturally?
  16. The major idiosyncrasies of Architecture in China.
  17. What risks do Architects come across when they construct Sporting stadiums?
  18. How to conserve antique buildings?
  19. Architecture ideas in the USA and Canada: A comparative study.
  20. Is Virtual Planning reliable for architects? An assessment
  21. The main propensities in rustic Housing.
  22. Urban vs. Rural buildings: Exploring the similarities between the two
  23. Theoretical urban design practices and techniques in the face of a crisis of energy resources
  24. Refurbishment and rehabilitation of the old buildings
  25. Strategies for upgrading of rural housing
  26. A critical analysis of the architectural crisis and its after-effects on social and cultural development of a country
  27. An investigation of the Housing Model belonging to the modern age
  28. Hydraulic infrastructure system for the development of a rural society
  29. The idea of Fractionation as residential property

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