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Choose an organisation of your interest and discuss its HR roles based on Ulrich’s model

The growth of business competitiveness in the contemporary business environment is certainly very much significant and effective to maintain a higher degree of business performance and customer engagement. Tesla, in this respect, is also working towards the enhancement and development of business performance and employee motivation (Storey, Wright, and Ulrich, 2019). The company is also working towards widening its scope for motivating employees and maintenance of corporate culture to develop profitable solutions for both the current and emerging problems. While understanding the concept of Human resource management practices of Tesla, this paper is also focusing on David Ulrich and his theory of human resource management. This theory strongly contributes towards understanding the functional HR orientation to more strategic partnerships within the workplace between employees and employers. David Ulrich strategically worked towards enhancement and development towards managing a higher number of business performance and employee motivations towards more efficient and effective manners. Within the workplace of Tesla, the inclusion of Ulrich’s HRM models works more firmly and efficiently towards managing higher numbers of employee performance and motivation, using proper sets of organizational flexibility. Ulrich in this respect strategically developed four different HR models that worked towards enhancement of business performance and management of its business competitiveness.

Data Analysis and Findings

Strategic Partner: This strategic HR model strategically works towards the management and the enhancement of the workplace by properly developing and aligning strategies with business. This concept of a strategic partner within the workplace of Tesla can be able to widen its scope for overall business growth properly fostering systems thinking and customer focus. Using proper sets of digitalization processes, employees can utilize easy-to-navigate platforms that can guide these employees of tesla to develop their learnings and skills (Wright, and Ulrich, 2017).

International Business Management of Amazon

Change Agents: This HR model being developed by David Ulrich is certainly focusing on the management of performance and enhancement of employee motivations in a much appropriate manner. This change agent of the HR model is also working towards enhancement of organizational culture and institutionalization and change capability within the organization that helps in assisting the line managers for leading and facilitating the change within Tesla and its workplaces. Employee hiring procedure is the example of Change Agents.

Analysis On External Judicial Practice And Internal Governance Mechanism

Administrative Experts: This model of human resource management is also widening its scope for proper collaboration and enhancement of quality as well as efficiencies of the workplaces in a much appropriate manner. The administrative Experts are some of the most efficient members of the organization who are contributing towards tailoring the Human resource management processes of the organization towards a more appropriate and accurate manner. It also works towards unique business needs, manages costs, and delivers proper sets of HR products and services. Financial department and its effectiveness is the example.

Employee Champion: This is also helping the workplace of Tesla to champion the employees that help them to implement actions that are contributing towards enhancement of human capital contribution, and also helping the company to commit towards widening the scope for workforce commitment and equitable people processes and practices (Mazurchenko, and Maršíková, 2019). In the current digital era, companies are forming a major part of the workforce towards their workplaces for enhancing business performances. While doing so, Ulrich’s theory of the HR model certainly helped towards reaching a higher degree of business efficiencies. Enhancement of leadership strategies.

Reference List

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