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Personal Effectiveness

Executive Summary

The current report tends to discuss about the significance and the importance of skills and behaviours in a much appropriate and efficient manner. This paper has also discussed about the skills and behaviours of Sundar Pichai of Google. While discussing these factors more firmly and efficiently towards analysing the issues relating to overall business developmental perspectives more firmly and efficiently.

Table of Contents

1.0. Introduction. 3

2.0. Case study review.. 3

2.1. Sundar Pichai’s Skills and Behaviours. 3

2.2. Impact of Pichai’s Skills and behaviors on Google. 4

3.0. Conclusion. 5

Reference List 6

1.0. Introduction

In the contemporary competitive business environment, skills and behavioral effects are certainly becoming one of the most strategic business developmental perspectives. It not only helps the companies to ensure a higher degree of employee engagement but also helps in widening the motivational frameworks to the employees (Nytimes, 2021). This report is therefore incorporating a number of models and frameworks to understand the significance of skills and effectiveness of behaviors based on Sundar Pichai as case research.

2.0. Case study review

2.1. Sundar Pichai’s Skills and Behaviours

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and Alphabet, is able to extend the company into a much more famous and popular search engine in the global digital business environment. Sundar Pichai most often is described by his colleagues as “Thoughtful.” He is soft-spoken, thoughtful, and often pausing to find the right phrase, as well as an adept problem solver. There are a number of models and frameworks that associate Google and make it a successful business in the global marketplaces (Businessinsider, 2019). These skills and behaviors of Sundar Pichai

  • Communication: Sundar Pichai has a significant set of business developmental perspectives, which is known for Sundar Pichai to his tune of communication-based on the audiences with whom he is speaking. Moreover, Sundar Pichai was a shy child in his childhood that is also being observed in his current leadership and business developmental framework as well.
  • Inclusive leadership style: This inclusive leadership style is also one o0f the most important and strategically important sets of skills and behaviors that Sundar Pichai Has. This skill or behavior that Pichai has helped him in making the company and its workplace more efficient and effective in dealing with any kind of unforeseen challenges and future business competitiveness.
  • Collaborative: Sundar Pichai also has some of the most critical and effective sets of skills and behavior associated with the collective nature. This collective nature of Sundar Pichai is strategically benefiting the company in a much efficient and effective manner to deal with different business solutions. Moreover, he firmly understands the way through which workforces can be motivated and manage their skills and talents towards the right path to meet the business objectives.
  • Decision-making and Resilience: This is also an important and significant set of skills and behavior that Sundar Pichai has through which he can be able to manipulate the company towards more competitiveness and widen the business towards more long-standing perspectives.

An organization that has over 130,000 employees around the globe requires to have a sophisticated and dedicated set of leadership as well as managerial skills (Forbes, 2019). Sundar Pichai has all such talents and skills that help the company to meet its business objectives and also be able to widen the financial profitabilities through a high number of business methods and strategies. Sundar Pichai being a lifelong learner is actively learning different sets of business development components and the leadership perspectives that help the company to meet its business objectives. Sundar Pichai is also a good listener, which makes him a good leader as well. The skill of listening to others’ thoughts and perspectives is not only making the company towards a more sufficient and sophisticated set of business developmental framework for Google but also makes him one of the most popular leaders in the contemporary business environment. Through this active listening practice, Sundar Pichai is also able to listen to everyone’s perspectives and then put his foot forward or make decisions of his own.

2.2. Impact of Pichai’s Skills and behaviors on Google

Sundar Pichai is one of the most popular and celebrated CEOs of a global business that starts from a humble background, is able to rise from being the CEO of Google to also being the CEO of Alphabet as well. Under the leadership of Sundar Pichai, Google is able to receive a higher amount of business profitability and also be able to engage with wider ranges of business development in the global business competitiveness. Pichai has kept Larry and Sergey’s confidence to maintain a better scope for future business and provides a better scope for future business development in a much appropriate and efficient manner. It is also significant to understand that there are a number of perspectives that are also hampering the organization due to the inability of Google’s CEO to deal with diverse ranges of business factors and timely decision making (Sousa and Rocha, 2019). The company in recent times is also suffering from a number of regulatory complications that are making it hard for Google to provide better ranges of services and product offerings to its huge range of customers.

A number of executives of Google are also complaining about the leadership of Sundar Pichai by acknowledging that he is a very thoughtful and caring leader, which is very much impacting the overall growth and the enhancement of the company towards its future developmental perspectives. Thoughtful leadership is not a preferable one to meet the growing customer demands and the security parameters that companies like Google needs to provide to its ranges of customers. Therefore the company under the leadership of Sundar Pichai is suffering from a strong and bold leader who can generate a higher number of decision making and also provide a sufficient set of leadership to its significantly higher number of employees (Larsen et al., 2018). It is also significant to understand about the leadership of Sundar Pichai that Google in contemporary times remains more organized and disciplined, which is helping the company to meet its professional business objectives and human resource management more firmly and efficiently (Bilal et al., 2021).

3.0. Conclusion

In conclusion, it can be said that engagement with the contemporary competitive business environment must require a proper set of skills and behaviors to provide a higher degree of competitiveness. Google is one of the most popular and efficient sets of business developmental perspectives. In this perspective, the company is actively able to gain a higher degree of business competitiveness and develops its scopes for greater customer engagement. Sundar Pichai, through his skills and behavior, is, therefore, able to provide a sophisticated set of developmental perspectives to a much larger extent. 

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