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Developing The Imagination

Task 1

Identification of the objects

The 5 objects that are most commonly seen and noticed in the environment are:

  • Floral Bedsheet
  • Dream catcher
  • Mug
  • Flowers
  • Painting

Description of the objects

The qualities of each of these objects represents that there is a pattern of flowers or easiness that can be seen in the objects. The quality of the bed sheet is that it is always vibrant, the Dream catcher is very beautiful, The Mug represents strong value, the flowers are blooming and smell nice, the painting has its own story and it is trying to make the complete environment cheerful and more beautiful.

Short story based on the objects

The story involves a little girl, who was blessed with everything- good health, loving and caring parents and they lived in a beautiful house, yet she was unhappy. The parents tried everything to make her happy. She liked to be alone and spent most of her in her room, which is why her mother decorated her room with artificial flowers to make her smile. The little girl felt strong connection with flowers.The presence of flowers made her vibrant and beautiful and gradually she became strong as well. The overall development of things around her made her more confident and she felt like she is part of a painting which is yet incomplete, and will be complete when she will start blooming from the inside.

Task 5

Springtime is a season when there are new flowers starting to grow. The flowers are blooming and there is very sweet smell across the environment. The spring time is the time, that promises areas of new beginning and it indicates that there are nee changes in the lifecycle. As the season changes every year and in different months as well, the flowers and other plants as well grow, which also tells the story of courage. It reflects that despite any harsh weather and despite any difficulties, the flowers will bloom again and one should not give up and should not feel bad.

There was once a blind old lady whose son was serving in the army. The old lady was alone and did not have any major sources of communication. The lady was blind, but she was aware of the changing seasons. When the old lady’s son went to serve the army, it was winter and he told her that I would come to visit you in the spring, when there will be new leaves and new flowers. It had been quite some time that his son left, and the old lady was waiting for his son to come back.

Every year, she felt the blooming of new flowers and the changes in the seasons, but she did not hear from her son. Once, the village struck with a very worst winter season that lasted for months. The old lady had become very weak and was in her last days, she had the immense urge to meet her son. She was losing all her hope, as she thought that a lot of time has passed, and maybe the son has forgotten her old mother, yet she remembered that her son told her he would come in spring. One morning, the sun shone bright and the weather was all beautiful, she heard footsteps at the house, which were indeed of her son. Her son kept her promise and arrived at the time of spring.

Task 6

My experience for the task has been very easy as most of the things that were required for the task were in my close surrounding only. It was also easy as most of the objects does signify some or the other things that are related to nature. It was not so difficult to find the qualities of the objects as they are related to the everyday actions and application of things. The objects had a particular pattern to them which consisted of the feeling of happiness and a sense of being fulfilled and growth. The pattern reflected the spirit of spring.

There was no particular process that was opted for the selection of the objects. As mentioned above, the objects were present in the room only and they are related to one another in one or other way. The creativity and the imagination were built from the objects itself and it did not take a major effort to comprehend the relationship between the objects.The entire process was very soothing as it aided in the collaboration of the qualities and the essence of the theme of spring.

In the entire process, I discovered that I am also connected with these objects that I am close to these things and as these things are part of the nature and they change after some time, I also face challenges and difficulties but I gradually learn from them and understand that it is just a time period that will pass. I discovered that I also feel good when there is a new flower, when there is a new bed sheet and whenever there is changes in the surroundings. It gives me a sense of new beginning and new atmosphere and gives me further strength to deal with things and enjoy the changes that are coming in life.