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How you will do forecasting

The concept of forecasting in manufacturing is undoubtedly an important and efficient set of business development opportunities by evaluating the production of a specific number of each production. Forecasting in Supply Chain Management is also working towards investigating the competition, collection of suppliers data, as well as analyzing the past patterns for predicting the future of an industry. For the appropriate forecasting and future business developing concepts, the company, namely CarpetLove, is also working actively using a number of methods and procedures. The company is also strategically able to enhance its business competitiveness through the growth in its sales costs to distributors for about $900 for pure and $1150 for Elites. This significantly higher number of sales costs than its competitors must also need to work more firmly to forecast a higher degree of business competitiveness.

Data Analysis and Findings

In order to broaden its scope for overall business performance enhancement, it must also need to work towards Supply Chain forecasting that is very much essential, as without which the company cannot predict demands, pricing trends, and even supply chain availability. For forecasting, the company can incorporate both quantitative as well as qualitative forecasting methods. Both of which helps in understanding the future business developmental scopes of the company in a much appropriate and efficient manner. Within the quantitative method, the company CarpetLove can incorporate exponential smoothing, Adaptive Smoothing, Moving Average, Regression Analysis, Life-Cycle modeling (Douglass et al., 2019). Again, within the qualitative forecasting methods, the company can engage with Market research, Delphi methods, Historical Analysis, Panel Consensus. Each of these factors will strategically help the company to ensure proper business forecasting and ensuring larger business productivity. The company can also engage with different steps in business forecasting frameworks. These includes

  • Identify the problems
  • Collecting the Information
  • Perform a Preliminary Analysis
  • Choosing a proper forecasting model
  • Data Analysis
  • Verifying Model Performance

The Models that the company can also incorporate to enhance and top develop the forecasting model to develop its future business developmental frameworks. These includes:

  • Time Series Model
  • Econometric model
  • Judgmental forecasting model
  • The Delphi Method

These factors work differently towards widening the scope for enhancing the business competitiveness and widening the frameworks for ensuring long-term business enhancement for CarpatLove (Vlasovet al., 2018). This company can engage with productive business performance and can also help in attracting a higher number of customers than its market competitors.


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