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The possible health risks of heavy video gaming

Executive summary

The younger generations are very interested in video games. Therefore, theyare being affected by video games with hours of playing online or offline. Therefore, both the positive and negative effects would be observed among the population due to video games.


Video games are one of the mostpreferred pass-time hobbies amongteenagers especially.  However, adults are attracted to different types of video games. Therefore, it hasbeen observed that 3.24 billion people are considered gamers around the world.  However, the effects of video games are diverse and can improve and decline the health condition of children.     


Reasons why heavy video gaming may be a health risk

A report by Statista showed that both under 18 years and 18-34 year age groups are the most prevalent gamers’ groups in the USA (Statista, 2021).  Therefore, it canbe said that many individuals are addicted to video games. A report in the Guardian has analysed that children are addicted to video games so that they even spend four-five hours constantlyplaying games (Stevens et al., 2021). On the other hand, the addicted children are showing different comorbidities like autism, bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorders.

Data Analysis and Findings

Normal behaviours of the children would be affected by the addition of video games. Therefore, the abnormalities related to the priority of gamers have changed with their preferences for games (the Guardian, 2021). Negative behaviours associated with the gaming attraction would increase anxiety and depression among the children. As a result, WHO has listed gaming disorders under ICD-11 (the Guardian, 2021).

Reasons why heavy video gaming may not be a health risk

Arguing the fact that video gamers are affecting the quality of mental health conditions, research showed that the boys who play games with higher frequency can socialise and talk to friends (, 2021). Moreover, Halbrook, O’Donnell and Steffi (2019) analysed that provincial behaviours and wellbeing can be improved with the effects of video games. The research showed that the social interaction and socio contextual factors in the gamers can include the factors related to the social and behavioural aspects. Video Games would help to improve cognitive development among individuals. Halbrook, O’Donnell and Msetfi (2019), also added that video games can be used in future education systems in optimal gaming profiles. 


The report has included that video games can be detrimental for individuals. On the other hand, the report has analysed the positive effects of these games also.


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