Twitter logo replaced with Dogecoin cryptocurrency image

The Twitter bird is considered the face of Twitter since its formation. But, a sudden change has been noticed in the last few days. The blue bird logo of Twitter has been replaced with a cut-out image of a dog meme which was made by famous cryptocurrencies. Elon Musk, the owner of the company preferred not to say a single word on the concerning matter. So, the justification behind the change of the logo remains unexplained. The change in the logo has been noticed by the users since Monday.

According to US time, from Monday users has been noticed that after loading the homepage of Twitter it is showing the Shiba Inu image which is associated with the Dogecoin meme coin cryptocurrency instead of the blue Twitter bird. So, the users got surprised by this sudden change in logo. The weirdest part is neither Elon Musk nor Twitter has acknowledged the entire matter relating to the logo replacement even after several hours of changing.

As per the opinion of several Twitter users, it has also come to know that after the replacement of the Twitter logo, the users faced different challenges related to an unrelated bug with the application. So, it becomes another odd experience for the users. The increasing number of Twitter user interfaces also generated problems in front of users. The users were unable to differentiate which post had been retweeted by a user.

Well, it can be considered typical Elon Musk fashion, as per his tweet this replacement is just a callback joke to a follower who suggested replacing the Twitter logo with Doge. On the other hand, the opinion of some users this replacement was just an April fool’s prank. Some wondered if this news made a court case against Elon Musk. But, days after Elon Musk made a court petition for dismissing the lawsuit filed against Musk by the Dogecoin investors. Well, if you made an in-depth analysis, then you can notice that the value of Dogecoin increased after changing the logo of Twitter.  The value of Dogecoin increased from US$0.079 to US$0.094. It can be considered the highest value of the currency since the last year.

The value of Twitter company is less than $20bn. As per the opinion of a leaked internal memo, it is able to be said that, half of it was paid by Elon Musk six months earlier. Despite removing the legacy of the blue tick mark for the verified users it obtained huge profitability. The blue tick was removed only for the main Twitter account of the New York Times.
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