Thousands of Virgin Media customers across the UK experienced widespread internet, telephone, and TV outages throughout Tuesday, causing frustration and disruption for those relying on these services for work and daily activities.

Downdetector, a service that tracks outages, reported that around 50,000 people had reported problems with their Virgin Media services at one point, with the glitch first noticed by some customers shortly after 1 am BST.

The cause of the outage was not immediately clear, but it had a significant impact on Virgin Media customers throughout the day. By late morning, the worst of the issues had been resolved, and services were restored for many users. However, in the afternoon, there were reports of the service being down again, further aggravating affected customers.

Virgin Media acknowledged the issue and apologized to impacted customers in a statement. A spokesperson for the company stated, “Unfortunately, we have seen a repeat of an earlier issue which is causing intermittent broadband connectivity problems for some Virgin Media customers. We apologize again to those customers impacted, and our teams are continuing to work flat out to find the root cause of the problem and fix it.”

The outage was widespread enough that even Virgin Media’s corporate website was unavailable for several hours on Tuesday morning. Even after it was restored, the company had to serve all users the mobile version of the site, indicating that the website was being rebuilt on the fly to manage the situation.

Some users reported being able to reconnect to the internet after rebooting their router or modem, while others found that their connection could be restored by connecting through a virtual private network (VPN). This workaround may suggest that the wider problems lie in the deep-level routing systems that allow internet services to connect to each other, similar to glitches that have caused outages for other online services like Facebook in 2021.

Adding to the frustration for Virgin Media customers, the outage comes just three days after the company implemented a 13.8% price increase, adding almost £7 to the cost of a typical £50 broadband and TV package. This increase, which is above inflation, has been criticized by consumer rights group.

Virgin Media has a policy of compensating customers for total outages, but only on a per-day basis, which suggests that it may be at the company’s discretion as to whether to pay out for a sub-day failure. This has further fueled customer dissatisfaction as they face disruptions and inconveniences due to the prolonged outage.
As the year 2023 progresses, Virgin Media customers are hoping for a resolution to the ongoing issues and a return to reliable internet, telephone, and TV services. In the meantime, many customers are seeking alternatives and workarounds to mitigate the impact of the outage on their daily activities and work responsibilities.

Virgin Media continues to work on resolving the issue and providing updates to affected customers as they investigate the root cause of the problem. In the face of this service disruption, impacted customers are seeking compensation for the inconvenience caused and hoping for a swift resolution to the ongoing issue. As the situation unfolds, Virgin Media customers are advised to stay updated through official channels for the latest information on service restoration and compensation options.

Overall, the outage has caused significant disruptions and frustrations for Virgin Media customers across the UK, highlighting the importance of reliable and uninterrupted internet and communication services in today’s digital age.

The company’s response and resolution of the issue will be closely watched by its customer base and the wider public as they seek a resolution to the ongoing problems.
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