International students bring ‘substantial benefits’ to UK, government told as crackdown considered

An official report identified a controversial comment, that is “International students bring very substantial benefits to the UK”. Shella Braverman complained in October that family members used student visas to enter the country. On the other hand, the report of the migration Advisory committee highlighted that international students contribute to the local economy, and to domestic students. It shows that Students coming from the EU dropped after Brexit while applications outside of the EU saw a rise. As per net migration figures, students copying in for low-quality degrees increased. The spokesperson highlights that “considering all options to make sure the immigration system is delivering, and that does include looking at the issue of student dependents and low-quality degrees”.

Almost 277000 people arriving on study visas are considered the largest population coming under long-term visas that are no-EU nationals in the last years as per the Office for National Statistics figures.

Professor Brian Bell, holding the position of chair committee member highlights that the rise of student numbers aligns with government policy.

He further added “This does not mean we should ignore the figures or not look at developments that are less expected. There has been a very substantial rise in the number of dependents arriving with international students and it seems only right that the government reviews the rules governing that”.

The committee report highlights that international students are permitted to work for 20 hours during term time, while adult relatives are allowed to work in full-time jobs. The home office data highlights that dependents of foreign students receiving visas went up fivefold in the last three years. The number is from 13664 in 2019 and it will become 81089 in 2022.

Undergraduate students however are not allowed to bring dependents. However, the reason for this ban is not clear to Prof Bell. Professor added “Most universities for most courses lose money on teaching British students and offset that loss by charging more for international students. If you close down the international route I’m not sure how the university continues to survive”.

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