Mick Hucknall, the frontman of Simply Red, appeared on Monday’s episode of The One Show to talk about his music and his upcoming European tour this summer. The singer has had a successful career spanning over three decades and has sold millions of records worldwide.

Hucknall was born in Manchester in 1960 and was abandoned by his mother when he was just three years old. The experience inspired him to write his hit song ‘Holding Back the Years’. The star was brought up by his father, a former RAF man and barber, in Denton. The abandonment by his mother had a devastating effect on Hucknall, and he has spoken about it publicly.

In 2021, The Mirror tracked down Mick’s mother, Maureen, to her home in Dallas, Texas. But, tragically, there was no outpouring of remorse for Mick. Instead, she said, “I didn’t abandon him, absolutely not. My philosophy has always been that the home is the most important thing, so I choose to do that because I wanted him to have a safe place.” Hucknall has reportedly seen his mum only twice since she abandoned him.

In March 2022, Hucknall revealed that he was suffering from long Covid. The singer was forced to cancel several shows after he contracted the virus and was experiencing symptoms including a racing heart and sleepless nights. Heart palpitations and insomnia are two of the most common symptoms of Long Covid, which can last for weeks or months after the coronavirus infection has gone.

Hucknall has been married to his wife Gabriella Wesberry since 2010. The pair tied the knot at Forter Castle in Perthshire, Scotland, and also have a daughter named Romy True, who was born in 2007. The superstar settled down for a quieter family life after previously likening himself to a playboy. During an interview with The Times in 2019, he confessed he couldn’t go on “rolling out of night clubs at 4 am every morning” and put to bed rumours he had slept with 3,000 women. The musician sent shockwaves around the showbiz circuit with claims he would sleep with up to three women a day every day in 2010. However, he has admitted he had never sat down and counted how many women he had slept with over the years.

Hucknall’s appearance on The One Show was eagerly anticipated by fans, who were excited to hear about his music and upcoming tour. Despite his health battles and personal struggles, the Simply Red frontman remains an inspiration to many and continues to captivate audiences with his soulful music.
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