Former English footballer Paul Gascoigne has made a shocking and lewd confession about his encounter with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, during the filming of Channel 4’s new show, Scared of The Dark. Gazza, who is one of the contestants on the show, spoke about his meeting with Thatcher when he was at the height of his footballing fame and she was coming to the end of her term in office. In the episode set to air on Sunday night, Gazza reveals that he put his arm around Thatcher at 10 Downing Street and became so aroused that he had to go to the toilet to relieve himself.

Gazza’s confession stunned his fellow cast members, including Chris Eubank, who went to the producers to express his disgust. Scared of The Dark, hosted by Danny Dyer, follows Gazza and other celebrities including Scarlett Moffatt and Max George as they spend eight days in a completely pitch-black reality space called The Bunker. The celebrities will take on a series of challenges designed to test their ability to function in the pitch-black darkness, with those who fail at their challenges having to take on tough tasks to save their place on the show.

The show’s debut on Sunday night will compete with ITV’s The Hunt for Raoul Moat, which Gazza won’t feature in, despite turning up at the scene of the killer’s final stand-off in Rothbury. Ahead of the episode’s airing, details of Gazza’s conversation with his fellow cast members about Thatcher were leaked, causing a stir among viewers. While Gazza’s confession has generated controversy, it remains to be seen if it will affect his participation in the show or his public image.

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