NS&I shares how Britons can increase their chances of securing the £1 million jackpot every month. Cash prizes including £100,000, £50,000 or £25,000, with the smallest prize being £25 are ready for the next premium bonds prize draw on April 3.

NS&I Premium Bonds are investment products issued by National Savings and Investment (NS&I) where instead of interest monthly prize draw happens where you can win between £25 and £1 million tax-free.

In the last month of March, a record £330million is to be paid out in prizes increasing the prize fund rate to 3.30 per cent by NS&I.

According to NS&I, Britons can boost their chances of winning. Customers can invest between £25 and £50,000 in Premium Bonds, with each £1 invested representing one bond number in the monthly prize draw.

The Prizes range from £25 to two £1 million jackpots every month. Instead of gaining interest, every £1 saved in your Premium Bonds help you to win tax-free prizes every month.

The company use a machine that generate random numbers and then the number is matched to the Premium Bonds database finding the eligible holder.

So that’s how the company make the process as fair as they can. There us no way to hack the process. The only way to increase the chance of getting selected is by having more number of premium bonds in your name.

After winning the prize the winning person get notified by the Government-backed savings organisation via text, email or post.

Apart from that people can also check the prize status from the website itself.

They can also download the NS&I Premium Bonds prize checker app from Google Play and App Store.

A potential winners can check if they have won on the NS&I website by logging into their account.

They have to enter their account number, name, surname and account password and then they will receive a OTP at their mobile phone.

Jill Waters, NS&I Retail Director, encouraged people to remain up to date about theory recent events.

According to her Since the first ever Premium Bonds draw in 1957, now they have paid out a staggering £25.1 billion it is a impressive milestone.

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