Lasse Wellander the long standing guitarist of ABBA, died at the age of 70, after long suffering from cancer. ABBA paid tribute to the “musical brilliance”. The musician participated in the biggest album of ABBA and also travelled to different locations with ABBA between 1975 and 1980. He died on Friday, and at the time of his last breath, he was surrounded by his family and loved people.

The group members of ABBA like Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad mentioned that Lasse was a dear friend to them, he was a fun loving person and an exceptional guitarist. His creative input in the recording studio and his solid guitar work on was amazed people for years.

Another group member of ABBA mentioned that all the team members mourned the tragic and premature death of Lasse Wallander. Lasse Wellander had a good sense of humour and his kind and smiling attitude and excellent musical sense made him one of the integral parts of the ABBA group. The team will never forget him and will miss him forever.

Lasse Wellander was brought up in a small village in Sweden which is known as Skrikarhyttan. In October 1974 Lasse Wellander recorded first time for ABBA and then he also continued his musical journey while recording his solo albums. He continued his solo album when he got separated from ABBA.

On 7th April the news of his demise was posted by his family member on the official Facebook page. They also mentioned that cancer was the reason for his demise.

Some also defined Lasse Wellander as “Kind, safe, caring and loving … and so much more, that cannot be described in words

His family was shocked due to his premature demise, they have mentioned that they love him and miss him so much.

During the most recent days Lasse Wallander played for ABBA’s No 1 came back album which is recognised as Voyage. He gave an interview to Sunday Express before the release of the album in 2021. In the interview, he mentioned his feelings about working with the band. He said, “Of course always a bit special”.

He also mentioned that “When I was doing my guitar tracks it felt like the old days. The only difference was that there was some pre-production this time around, which is very usual nowadays.”

After working on the album of ABBAs he also worked on his solo recording. Before engaging with ABBA he was also a member of a local group which was included with nature and also supported the backing band of the Swedish singer-songwriter Ted Gärdestad. It was with the support of the Gardestad that Lasse Wallander met Ulvaeus and Andersson, the male members of ABBA and later travelled with the Eurovision winners in 1975, 1977, 1979 and 1980.

At the time when ABBA got separated, Lasse Wellander appeared himself as the album of chess concept and also supported making the soundtracks of “Mamma Mia!” not only that he also worked for the sequel movie called “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”. The appearance of Lasse Wellander is also visible in his solo album called Fältskog, Wrap Your Arms Around Me which was released in 1983 and My Colouring Book which was released in 2004.

In the year of 2005, Lasse Wellander also received an award from the Royal Swedish Academy Of Music and in 2018 the Swedish Musicians which is known as Albin Hagström Memorial Award. It is considered the special prize of the union for his contribution to the music world.
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