James Bond No Time To Die leaves the door open for Daniel Craig’s comeback.

The world has been shaken, not stirred, by the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die. The film, which stars Daniel Craig as the iconic spy for the final time, has left fans with mixed emotions. While many are satisfied with the way Craig’s tenure as Bond came to an end, others are hoping for a surprise comeback from the actor in the future.

Craig had already confirmed that he would not be returning as James Bond after the release of No Time To Die.  Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the Bond producers, pleaded with him to return for one more picture. He accepted, but only on the understanding that he would kill Bond—something that had never been committed before.

However, a recent interview has suggested that his character could still make a comeback in future Bond films. This possibility has arisen due to the film’s innovative technology.

The final Daniel Craig-led James Bond film, No Time To Die, broke the mould in many ways, but perhaps the biggest twist of all was the revelation that Bond had a daughter with his long-time lover Dr Madeleine Swann. The film’s final moments teased that “James Bond will return,” but with Craig’s insistence on killing off his version of 007, how could that be possible?

Well, according to Bond writer Robert Wade and some clues in Casino Royale, it could be through the use of cloning technology. Wade theorized that Bond could be cloned from his “little finger,” which is all that is left of him after his supposed death.

While this theory is certainly possible, it’s not probable. Craig has already spoken out about ending his Bond journey, and bringing him back would cost Eon Productions a staggering amount of money.

But that doesn’t mean the door is completely closed on Craig’s return. No Time To Die introduced some innovative biological technology, and Safin’s war rooms were filled with tanks, a common iconography used in movies to showcase cloning and tissue repair. Q and the rest of MI6 were also experimenting with nanobots, so perhaps they were cooking up something else.

One thing is for sure: the “James Bond will return” message at the end of the film means the franchise will continue. Currently, the front runners for the next Bond are Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill, who are neck-and-neck with 5/2 odds, followed by James Norton with 11/4 odds.

No matter who takes on the role of James Bond, it is clear that the franchise will continue to captivate audiences for years to come. With innovative technology, complex characters, and heart-pumping action, the James Bond series will always be shaken, not stirred.
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