In an effort to address the housing shortage, students at the University of Glasgow have been housed in temporary hotel accommodations. British Dissertation Help, which provides top-notch assignment help and dissertation help, to college and university students, brings to you the news of the current housing crisis faced by the students.

Although at least 70 pupils have come out to ask for assistance, experts believe the number to be far higher. 49 of them claim to be unhoused, with 25 couch surfing. 24 more students at the University of Glasgow reside in dorm rooms, motels, temporary spare rooms, or their own homes.

Students have now officially complained to the institution about how they handled the housing crisis.

Due to the university’s lack of remote learning options, some students have reported travelling from as far as Edinburgh, Dundee, Greenock, Helensburgh, Fife, and Perth to attend lectures.

According to the complaint, which STV News has seen, some students are spending £1200 per month for housing.

The letter states: “We have heard from one woman who is sharing a hostel room with 13 other people, most of whom are older men; several other students are paying £1200 per month for housing, and a group of students are residing in a flat with a threatening landlord but are unable to take the risk of leaving because it is unlikely that they will be able to find another flat.

According to the complaint, which STV News has seen, some students are spending £1200 per month for housing.

It goes – “We have heard from one woman who is staying in a hostel room with 13 other people, most of whom are older males; several other students are paying £1200 a month for accommodation, and a group of students are staying in a flat in extremely dangerous conditions with a threatening landlord but cannot risk moving out due to the unlikelihood of finding a new flat.

“We have been in touch with several international students in very precarious situations, one is currently stuck in China as the University has been unable to provide them accommodation, but they are arriving on the 8th of October with nowhere to go.

Three students, stuck in the “relentless” situation, told STV News how the temporary experience has been.

“It has been a temporary relief, definitely, to have my own space, use my own shower and everything,” said Neve McLean.

“But there is no kitchen and nowhere I can do my laundry, so we’re still missing out on the key elements of a home that we do need.”

Krishen Chadwick-Patel, a friend of Neve’s, stated that it was intended to be a relief; they defined it as a respite while looking for housing. Hopefully, they extend it past two weeks so that we can stay there longer if we are unable to locate housing.

Lois Barnet, one of the three friends, was able to secure some temporary housing, although she can only stay for about two weeks.

A strategy that addresses every part of the situation and how the institution will handle it and the students who are now without housing is demanded in the complaint made against the university.

According to NUS Scotland President Ellie Gomersall, there is an urgent need for rent controls and a student housing guarantee that assures the federal, state, and local governments collaborate to provide each student with a safe and affordable place to live.

It happens at a time when emergency legislation is being swiftly advanced through the Scottish Parliament in an effort to better protect tenants from rent increases and evictions during the current crisis in the cost of living.

Students living in halls at colleges or universities or in other types of purpose-built housing will also be subject to these regulations.

A University of Glasgow spokesperson said: “Regrettably, due to a significant contraction in the private rental market, demand for rooms continues to be substantially ahead of expectation in Glasgow and more broadly across Scotland and the UK.

“Like most urban universities, we cannot guarantee accommodation for returning students.

“We understand the concern and stress about finding accommodation for the new semester and we want to reassure students that colleagues across the university are continuing to work to find solutions caused by the citywide shortage.

“As part of our efforts, we have increased the number of rooms under university management by 25% for this academic year. “We have focused – as is our usual policy – on providing accommodation to first-year undergraduate students who live at a significant distance from our campus. There has been no significant increase in student numbers this year.”

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