Some of the oldest universities in the world, including the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford, are located in the United Kingdom. Many of the students who enrol in these universities each year do so with the intention of pursuing their dream careers in the glimmering UK capitals of London, Dublin, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. The world’s best institutions are located in these cities, yet the expense of living and studying in the areas surrounding these Universities is exorbitant for students.

Living Costs for Students :

When it comes to accommodation, the students have two options :

  • University Accommodation
  • Private Housing

But as is public knowledge now, the Universities in the UK are facing an accommodation crisis, they are unable to provide accommodation for a lot of the students who enrol in their universities. Private Housing is the alternative, but as is the force of the economy, most owners of private houses, who have their property nearby the universities demand a very high price for their place. As a result, the living cost in the UK, for students has hiked.

Research shows that the Maintenance Loan frequently falls far short of meeting students’ living expenditures because the typical student’s monthly living expenses are roughly £810 (or £187 per week).

It should come as no surprise that rent consumes the largest portion of a student’s budget; at £421, it has increased £3 since 2020. Despite a $13 decrease from the previous year to 2019, rises of £25 and £37 in the prior two years indicate that the long-term trend is still one of growth.

With a monthly cost of £101, groceries are the second-largest expense for college students. Although this may sound like a lot, it only amounts to £23 per week, which isn’t too bad for a weekly grocery shop.

Students Enrolling in Open University :

Now, as a cause and effect phenomenon, teenagers are en masse enrolling in courses at the Open University in order to live at home and cope with the rising cost of living.

According to OU statistics, the number of 18 and 19-year-olds choosing to study at home has increased by 17% over the last five years, and university leaders have noticed an increase in interest in their distance-learning programmes. Another study indicated that 83% of adults over 30 who are still in school are anxious about managing their living expenses this fall, up from 67% of students in higher education.

In a survey conducted by Universities UK, which represents 140 academic institutions, 55% of worried students expressed anxiety that rising tuition fees might make it impossible for them to finish their degrees.

Dissertation Help for Open University Students :

So, if a student has enrolled in The Open University, he/she is now subjected to their method of academic evaluation. Exams and assignments or dissertations are the two kinds of evaluation used by the OU. The student will have to turn in assignments or dissertations on a regular basis during the semester. Naturally, students work on these two different types of tasks at home at their own leisure.

The assignment that the teacher marks is the first kind of homework (TMA). TMAs might involve a number of tasks, including short- and long-answer questions, programming issues, or essays, and can take anywhere between 20 and 40 hours to complete.

The interactive computer-marked homework is the second form of assignment (iCMA). iCMAs are quick online tasks that are graded instantly after completion. The availability window for iCMAs is set in advance and is often several weeks long.

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