Many UK institutions have advised first-year students to search elsewhere for housing because the residence halls are already filled. Incoming undergrads at the University of Glasgow, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), and University of West England (UWE) have been denied university housing with just a few weeks till the start of the semester. The demand for university housing and privately rented apartments has increased as more students enrol in university each year.

A few UWE students were given the option of staying in Newport, Wales, which is around an hour distant from their campus in Bristol. Previously, both the University of York and the University of Bristol sent students to reside in Hull and Wales, respectively.

Manchester acknowledged a week ago that there were still over 350 freshmen awaiting housing in the city. After giving £2,500 to anyone within commuting distance who would switch to living at home last week, a university representative said that 75 freshmen were still looking for housing this week.

Manchester Metropolitan University nearby, whose residence halls are also full, has offered first-year students who take housing in Liverpool or Huddersfield £100 per week. Manchester University is eager to remind out that this isn’t just a local issue, despite the fact that students love the city. There has been recorded demand for university housing across the UK this year, the institution informed students and their parents.

More than 500 first-year students at the University of the West of England in Bristol are now waiting for university housing due to a “high amount of applications.” Across the border in Wales, in Newport, students have been offered accommodation with transport expenses covered. The city of Bristol is home to hundreds of Airbnbs, making it another popular location.

Universities had long anticipated the current increase in the population of 18-year-olds, but Manchester claims they weren’t ready for the epidemic and the three years in which far more students received the excellent A-level levels they demanded. Many students deferred their places this year under pressure from the pressure of record performance last year. Similar worrisome housing issues are being reported by new students in towns including Bristol, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Students occasionally believe they can handle situations as they arise. This is among the biggest misconceptions one might have, though. First off, hotels will charge you exorbitant prices. It’s not just the rent that matters, either. Later, the price of food and power will be added to it, and before you realise it, they’ll have spent the equivalent of a complete month’s rent. As a result, they shouldn’t purchase an issue out of curiosity.

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