Numerous university students are in a desperate search for last-minute housing as the halls they were supposed to move into are still under construction.

Fresh Student Living informed those who had applied for residence at Bowline on Benson Street on Tuesday, barely four days before the scheduled move-in date of September 17.

The housing shortage occurs at a time when rental markets in UK cities are unusually tight, and it follows similar issues last year when some universities accepted more students than they had anticipated.

This month, there have been a number of reports about UK colleges needing to shelter students off-campus to meet demand. 100 students from the University of Bristol had to be placed in Bath, and students from the University of York will be placed in Hull.

According to data from UCAS, a nearly all-time high of 426,000 pupils had university offers when they picked up their test results on August 18. Since then, tens of thousands of students have looked for positions in a clearing, where those without a place in a course look for open spots.

Universities had not planned their recruitment in accordance with the availability of accommodation in their localities, according to Jim Dickinson, a student union trustee and associate editor at the university blog WonkHE.

The housing firm, which just last week purchased the property in Liverpool’s city centre from its prior owners Prestige Student Living, stated in an email obtained by the ECHO : “Due to circumstances out of our control, the developer has informed us that we are unable to allow residents to move in. Unfortunately, this means that your room at Bowline will not be available for occupation on Saturday, September 17. Whilst we are yet to receive clarity on a completion date at this stage, we anticipate an occupation date of January 7 2023.”

This is the second occasion that students who requested housing at Bowline have been abruptly turned away. A month before moving in, homeowners who had paid £99 deposits for their new apartments were informed that their rooms wouldn’t be available for use in September owing to ongoing construction, but that they could still plan to move in by January.

Students whose leasing agreements have been terminated will receive refunds as quickly as feasible, and Fresh has made compensation available to make up for the inconvenience.

The accommodation cost for students in UK, is quite expensive, to be honest. In the UK, the average weekly rent for purpose-built student housing will be £166 in 2021–2022.

An ensuite room cost an average of £155 a week in the private sector, and a studio cost an average of £228. In London, the average cost of housing for students was £212 per week, whereas it was £259 in the private sector. Over the course of a year, small differences in rent add up to a sizable sum. Many students choose to study in less expensive places, including Wales, where they can save over £2,000 year compared to London.

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