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How to Write a Literature Review in Dissertation

The literature review of a dissertation is its second chapter which may be the longest section of your research paper. This may seem like a daunting task to complete initially; however, we can assure you that it is one of the easiest sections of your dissertation. Moreover, it is necessary to place appropriate focus on this section as it establishes a foundation for the research. This part is necessary as appropriate research on the topic can help to answer the research questions effectively. With the help of the literature review, it will be possible to identify all the facts that are present regarding the issue of the research.

Importance of Literature Review

It is also important that you understand the significance of writing a lengthy literature review. A literature review is one of the essential parts of a dissertation or any academic piece of writing. this is because it helps to demonstrate to the reader all of the information that is already present on the topic, which will help them to understand your contribution to addressing the issue. Moreover, the literature review helps to persuade the reader regarding the arguments you are trying to make and justify them. Therefore, it can be said that the literature review chapter of a dissertation is vital to its success, and all the appropriate resources and time must be assigned to it.

Guide to writing a literature review

Before you can conduct a literature review, it is necessary that you identify appropriate sources that are relevant to your topic. This is important as in order to write a good literature review, it is necessary to have an overall idea of the sources which would be relevant for the review. If your tutor has not given you a reading list, then it is necessary for you to identify the relevant sources. Additionally, when selecting the sources, you should make sure that they are balanced and includes a sufficient number of academic journals and books from reputable scholars. While selecting the resources, it is necessary to also keep a list of the sources as it is very easy to lose focus when conducting large research.

Next, it is necessary that you read the sources thoroughly to understand if they can be incorporated into your literature review. Going through all the resources will help you to develop a general sense of the contents and the arguments that have been made. This will also help you in your judgement process of whether or not it can be included in the research. It is also necessary that you conduct the reading of your resources in a critical manner which will help you to take notes and ask questions. Noting down all the important parts will help you to develop a good understanding, making your work logical and coherent.

Another important aspect you should focus on before writing the literature review is to understand the gaps that are present in the research. This is because identifying the research gap can help to utilise the literature review to fill the gap. This will ensure that the critical analysis you perform of the literature review is appropriate, which will help you to score extra points. However, it is not an easy task to identify the gaps in the research. In order to identify the research gap, it is necessary to read the articles you have collected. Moreover, reading the abstract and recommendations of the articles can help to get a clear understanding of the research cap and the appropriate approaches that must be taken in the literature review to fill the gap.

After all of these are done, the only steps that are necessary are to create an outline of the literature review and write the paragraphs by analysing the information that you have gathered from the collected sources.

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