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The Ultimate Dissertation Writing Timeline: From Start to Finish

A dissertation is a research project that is normally conducted by students going through higher studies. Every student in higher studies tends to complete at least one dissertation under the respective coursework. Since dissertations are part of a course they need to be completed within a limited amount of time. Apart from dissertation students are also expected to study other subjects. Due to this reason, it often becomes difficult to manage time to complete high-quality dissertations. However, it is not impossible to complete a good-quality dissertation while managing the other subject study. The key aspect of completing both the study and dissertation is effective time management. Learning more about time management in the dissertation keep reading.

Time management

Time management refers to the process of managing time through time allocation or making a routine while completing a long task. The key essence of time management in dissertation writing is starting early. Universities or dissertation instructors understand that for completing a dissertation considerable time is required. Due to this reason, they try to provide as much time as possible to the students. Dissertations are often initiated at the start of the dissertation. However, due to the pressure of other curriculum activities and lack of experience, students often fail to comprehend the time they require to complete the dissertation. As a result, students start dissertation work late, hence facing difficulty in completing it within time. Students need to divide a whole dissertation-making process into multiple stages. The time required to complete every step needs different times. The following discussion shows the work division and time that should be allocated to complete every step.

Choosing a topic and proposal

The first step of starting any description is choosing a topic. Students need study books, journals, articles and other such pieces of literature to come up with a dissertation topic. This should be completed within 1 week time. Less time spent on this task will increase time availability for completing the dissertation report. After selecting the topic, students need to finalize it with their dissertation guide. Once finalized, students need to complete the dissertation proposal, It can be expected that while going through literature students succeeded in identifying multiple important pieces of published literature. This information should be used to complete the proposal. The proposal also needs to be completed within another week. Once it is completed, it should be sent for approval. For receiving approval, it may take another 1 week. Hence total of 3 weeks will be required to finalize the dissertation topic. Here, it should be mentioned that students can have dissertation help UK to complete the proposal. This can reduce the time spent in this early stage.

Setting the schedule

Research proposals tend to get approved at the beginning of a semester when students have less study pressure. However, as time progresses study pressure increases, hence students receive less time to spend on dissertations. Due to this reason, students often fail to start working on the final dissertation early and face difficulty at the end of the semester. Due to this reason, students should allocate a particular amount of time from their daily schedule for dissertation work.  Secondly, they also need to set milestones against the time they have. For example, time that should be used for analyzing literature, and time taken for data collection. Students are advised that they keep spare time at the end of the schedule. The spare time can be adjusted if students fail to meet particular milestones within time. The spare time can also be utilized to make changes in the dissertation if required after getting feedback from the dissertation guide.

Time allocation for different stages of the final dissertation

The research proposal helped to create the dissertation objective, aims and questions. These factors cannot be changed. However, the aspect mentioned in the research proposal needs to be expanded while completing the dissertation. For example, the literature review needs to be expanded. Research methodology also needs to be explained in greater detail. To complete all of these discussion elements piece of literature needs to be reviewed. At least 4 weeks should be allocated to search literature. Among these 5 weeks, three weak should be allocated for constructing arguments in the literature review chapter. Factors identified for building the literature review also need to be utilized for expanding the introduction chapter. Hence, three weeks should be invested in the introduction chapter and literature review chapter. The remaining one week of a total of 4 weeks should be utilized to complete the methodology chapter.

The most important part of any dissertation is its data analysis chapter. Students need to allocate 3 weeks for data collection and analysis. After completing this chapter, students should start working on the conclusion chapter. The conclusion chapter should be completed within 1 week time. Completing the conclusion chapter completed the dissertation writing. However, it does not end the journey.

After completing the conclusion chapter, students need to review th whole dissertation writing by themselves to make corrections. They should also show it to the dissertation guide. After receiving comments, further changes should be made before final submission. The following stages mentioned need to be completed within one week time. Students may have to wait for another 1 week to receive feedback based on the final submission.

If the dissertation gets approved at the first submission then it is a good situation. However for making further changes if required students need to allocate another week. If students go through all tis stages then a total of four months and 1 week will be required to complete the whole process.


Considering the following discussion it can be understood that making a dissertation is a lengthy process, One wrong step can hamper the time frame hence resulting in the marks deduction due to late completion. Students may feel frustrated due to this reason. Due to this reason, it becomes essential to get dissertation help UK. Taking helps students to complete the dissertation within the limited amount of time they have hence ensuring higher marks.

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