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Formatting and Style Guidelines for a Flawless Dissertation

Dissertation is a special type of writing that demands a formal approach. Unlike essay or casual writing a proper formatting style needs to be maintained throughout the dissertation. There is considerable confusion about the appropriate formatting and style of a dissertation since there is no particular rule. However, to make the dissertation visually appealing particular formatting and styles should be followed. Particular tips have been provided in the following discussion that can be followed while completing any description. To learn all the tips, keep reading.

Writing style

The most important part of any dissertation is, “what is actually written”. There are mainly two types of writing such as formal writing and casual writing. In casual writing, the writer can express their personal opinion without any constraints. This type of writing is not permitted in a dissertation. The dissertation should be written in a formal manner. However, the difficulty does not end here. First-person formal writing is not allowed. For example, words, such as I, We, Us, and You cannot be used in the dissertation writing sentence. The second writing rule of the dissertation is that it cannot be written in a future tense. Dissertation writing is the documentation of research that has been conducted. There are also some expectations in this case. For example, future tense can be used if the particular recommendation is being suggested by the writer. The best way to decide the tense is by using logic. If students feel confused about the tense that should be used then they should have dissertation help UK. Due to lack of experience, it is common to become confused.

Formatting style

Formatting refers to the visualization rather than what is written. It concentrates on the presentation of information. Dissertations are not written by hand and they are written with the help of software such as Microsoft Word, Google document and so on. This application provides different types of formatting styles. For example, paragraphs can be represented in a left alignment, right alignment, justified alignment and more. Line gap, size and position of heading, and other factors also need to be considered while formatting a dissertation. Since there are so many options to choose from, the question arises of how to select a particular. The following section discusses the process of choosing the suitable format.

Choosing the formatting style

There are different reference styles such as APA, Harvard, IEEE and many more. Some aspects of formatting styles are detected under this reference style. The first job of a student should do is to know the particular reference style that needs to be followed while completing a dissertation. The reference style that needs to be followed is mentioned by the university in the dissertation guidance module. However, if the reference style is not mentioned then students should ask about the reference style from the professors. Students should not assume the reference style as per their personal choice. Following the wrong reference style can reduce dissertation marks.

After identifying the particular dissertation styles students need to research the references. The research will help them to understand particular formatting styles that should be followed. Formatting style aspects that need to be identified in any reference style are as follows:

  • Theme front
  • Front size for body
  • The font style for the heading
  • Position of the heading,
  • Alignment of the body
  • Spaces between two lines
  • Margin measurement,
  • Position of page number
  • Requirement of header and footer
  • Citation process and many more.

Here, it should be mentioned that the formatting style under every reference varies from each other. Due to this reason, it is esstetial to know all the mentioned factors. However, without proper experience, it becomes difficult to identify so many factors. Students may become confused since many formatting style aspects are the same for multiple reference styles. To ensure a good quality format students can have dissertation help UK. taking help from experts helps students to understand the formatting differences. It can also help them to understand the format they need to follow without getting confused,

Formatting process

A similar formatting style needs to be maintained throughout the dissertation writing. The word count of a dissertation tends to be large. Changing the style manually is difficult due to the large word count. Students should use in build software features to maintain a uniform style throughout the dissertation. For example, they should update the heading style, body style, space between lines and such factors. Updating such factors helps to ensure that uniform formatting is maintained throughout the dissertation.

Final tips for formatting

Even though guideline regarding different aspects of formatting is available under every reference style there are also other factors that are not mentioned. Students need to use their own logic in this aspect to maintain uniformity throughout the research, Particular tips have been discussed to help students structure with formatting.

  • The posting of diagrams is normally not mentioned in formatting styles. Students need to decide the position of the figures. Students should also decide the overall size of each figure. This helps to improve the visualization quality.
  • The dissertation should be written with a white background with black text. It should not be written in any color except black to maintain the utmost formality.
  • Before final submission, students should check the formatting of the dissertation to eliminate any errors. It ensures the quality of the formatting.
  • The final tip that should be provided is that the students should request any third person to check the uniformity of the formatting. Students may mss formatting errors, which can be avoided by a third-person quality check. Students can take dissertation help to secure the formatting quality.


Maintaining proper formatting is essential to have good marks in a dissertation. Students should understand the format style that should be followed in the dissertation. Students can go through example dissertations to understand the formatting with clarity. Example dissertations can be provided by the dissertation guides. To secure an error-free dissertation, students should have decent help from, the UK.

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