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Complete Guide to Write a Management Dissertation

Management Dissertation is an extended piece of written work, mainly a research paper that students have to write in the last year of their doctoral degree in management. It is also known as “administration” and refers to the practice or process of managing. 

Here we are going to evaluate the whole process of management dissertation writing with management dissertation examples that you can also consider while choosing your topic. 

How to write a dissertation in management?

Writing a management dissertation is seem like a daunting task in front of students. But your dissertation plays a crucial role in showing the skills and knowledge that you have gained throughout the year. There are seven parts of dissertation writing that is the introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, conclusion, bibliography, etc. Each of these has a specific reason to be used in your dissertation as well. Let us give you a step-by-step guide to writing your dissertation properly.

Selection of a topic

The first step in writing a dissertation is to select a topic for your interest. You should always remember while choosing your topic that the business dissertation topic should be unique as well as impactful to the industry as well. You can analyse new trends in the business industry or work on traditional issues also. Later in this article, we suggest you some topics that you can consider while writing your dissertation

Write a proposal

After choosing your topic you should start writing your dissertation proposal. In this section, you have to answer what is the area of your dissertation project. Is it based on supply chain management, sales management, public relations management or marketing management? What are the primary questions you are going to encounter throughout the dissertation? Why this is significant to the industry and what is going to be your approach while doing this?

Perform in-depth research

Start doing your research as early as possible because it takes lots of your time. Choose reliable sources for researching educational portals, forums, and Journal of Marketing Management, Human Resource Management Journal, Harvard Business Review etc. After conducting this research do not forget to take proper stats and notes it. 

Make an outline

After doing the whole research you should make an outline for your dissertation. It will make your whole writing process much smoother. You can include all the sections of the dissertation from the introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, conclusion, and bibliography to Appendices one after another. 

Start writing with the introduction first 

Start your writing with the introduction first. Your introduction should be clear, concise and compelling to grab the attention of the reviewers. It should successfully describe the research objects, research questions, and methodology as well as signify the purpose and scope of this research. The introduction part should give a complete overview of your dissertation to the readers. 

Write literature review

The literature review is a part of your dissertation where you have to explore the existing documents on the same topics while finding the gaps between them. So that you can demonstrate your research to fill that gap through your research. So do ensure that you critically evaluate and synthesize the literature very well.

Write methodology

In the methodology section, you have to mention all the methods and techniques used while conducting the research. You should explain the research design, sampling strategy, data collection method, data analysis techniques and ethical considerations and procedures used to conduct this. At the end of this section, you can also add the strengths and limitations of the methodology used. 

Discuss the findings

It is the most crucial part of your dissertation. You have to state the research questions while describing the facts you have found through your research. You have to present the result while illustrating the key points with different graphs, tables, diagrams, etc. 

Add a conclusion 

The conclusion is the last chapter of your dissertation. You have to give a complete summary of your research with your findings. You have to explain why your research is significant to the whole industry stating how you are going to use it practically.

Add bibliography and Appendices

You should always add a bibliography and appendices at the end of the project. You should follow your university guidelines while adding the citation. You should give proper references to do this research further.

Management dissertation examples in 2023

Here are our some top handpicked management dissertation topic examples that you can use on your next dissertation.

Government, Business and Society 

  • Accessing the causal relationship between corporate financial performance and corporate social responsibility.
  • The success of female CEOs has transformed the dimensions of businesses.
  • Role of emotion management in business.
  • Office workplace vs remote working culture, which one is better?
  • Societal perception influencing the governmental decision-making process- A Shell in Niger Delta case study.

Organizational Leadership

  • Significance of management audit.
  • Autocratic leadership vs democratic leadership.
  • Effect of separating management from leadership to achieve effective corporate strategies.

Organizational Behavior

  • An assessment of strategy, networks, complexity, and innovation on organizational adaptability.
  • Organizational culture vs national culture -The case study of Brazil.
  • ‘Role of technological innovation helping in the survival of an organization during turbulent times’ – A case analysis of mobile telecommunication.

Global Business Environment

  • Strategies for the small businesses to adjust to the changing trends of globalization?
  • Gender inequality in work culture and how the professionals deal with it?
  • How is the global influence of climate change affecting the business interests of the tourism industry?

Strategic Management

  • How do different models of the Strategic Human Resource management influence the businesses?
  • An evaluation of the regional strategic management in the field of the fast-food chain industry: Discuss from the viewpoint of McDonald’s operations in the US, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Relationship between the personality of a CEO with the employee motivation.

International Business Strategy

  • Why does the world bank important to the international economy?
  • Role of  international Joint Revenue.
  • Social media increases the rate of acceptance in the international organizations.

Project Management

  • The correlation between influencer marketing and brand dominancy: A LUX case study.
  • Significance of soft skills in an ideal project management.
  •  Influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on project management.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Role of social media in terms of global branding: The cases of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Influence of leadership style and team process in terms of innovation and performance in functionally heterogeneous teams.

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Smartest and most effective measures to safeguard the assets in a small business.
  • Effective risk management tools used in the tourism industry.
  • Signify the risk pool within an enterprise due to high-risk investments. 

Marketing Management

  • Importance of landing pages in marketing.
  • How do social media impact the decision-making process of the consumers?
  • Role of influencer marketing in boosting sales.

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