This year, the Tesco supermarket by the Victoria Viaduct in Carlisle City Centre will close. When the news first surfaced in June, a Tesco representative said that they have made the tough choice to close their Carlisle Victoria Viaduct shop later this year.

Due to the wide variations in meal plans, students, and colleges, estimating how much the typical college student spends on food can be a little challenging. Although most college students are required to purchase a meal plan at least for the first few years of school, the good news is that food is an item for which you can creatively budget. Students also spend money on groceries and eating out off-campus in addition to the cost of their college meal plans. Budgeting for meals while in college must account for this additional food-related expense. Here are a few things to think about when making meal plans, shopping for food, and going out to eat.

The store is one of the few grocery stores in the city centre, aside from M&S, which is not very affordable for students.

As the new Citadel campus developments are finished, more students will move to Carlisle, bringing a new campus quite close to where the Tesco is now and was when it was built.

Asda on London Road and Morrisons on Kingstown Road are two alternatives that are a little outside of the city centre. Buses do go to these stores, but it costs extra for students who don’t want to go far with their groceries. The University of Cumbria Student Union (USCU) is optimistic that the closure won’t have a significant detrimental impact on students.

A student union is “certain” that the impending closure of a supermarket in the city centre won’t negatively affect all students.

UCSU Welfare Officer Annabelle Robinson said:

“UCSU understands that the closure of the Tesco viaduct store might be a disappointment to the local community, however, we are confident that our students will find suitable alternatives.

“Many of our members live closer to the campus locations rather than the city centre, with good access to other supermarkets including Asda and Morrisons.

“Carlisle has a well-connected bus service that would enable most students to complete their weekly shop even if they live further afield.

“Alternatively, most major supermarkets, including Tesco, offer an online delivery option which has become an increasingly popular service for students.

“We understand the expansion of the University of Cumbria into the Citadel location will bring more students into the city centre.

“This move is a few years off but could be an opportunity for the development of commercial offers such as a supermarket.”

When it comes to planning their meals, students can really budget. It is simple to get overwhelmed when budgeting for food in college because there are so many things to think about. Planning beforehand will enable you to maximise your financial resources and negotiate the occasionally complex world of required meal planning or the sentence of eating ramen noodles for every meal. You will be able to eat well, save money, and experience true fulfilment with a little planning and knowledge.

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