UK University will be offering a Master's Degree in Magic and Occult

If you happen to have a keen interest in anything strange such as witchcraft or magic, it may be difficult to follow an academic curriculum. Students interested in pursuing magic and occult science might now look into the programs offered by this institution in the United Kingdom. The University of Exeter is the first in the entire UK to establish a Master’s degree in Magic and Occult Science.

“Well, Halloween is just around the corner. The perfect time to sign up for our new MA in Magic and Occult Science!” has been tweeted by the University.

As per the above tweet, it is understood that the new postgraduate course is due to start in September 2024. The University of Exeter in Cornwall, England has recently released its newly begun program on this offbeat subject at the right time for Halloween.

The University of Exeter is currently accepting applications for students who would like to participate in learning about these themes through a program that will look at the history and influence of magic and witchcraft on populations throughout the world, as well as its relationship with science. This comprehensive degree will explore the function of magic by means of literature, history, philosophy, sociology, archaeology, psychology, theatre and religion.

According to the University of Exter’s official website, this exciting postgraduate program will be under the guidance of research-inspired lecturers and guides. In accordance with the varsity, graduates are expected to be able to contribute constructively to society through a variety of approaches after obtaining a degree in this area.

In order to be accepted to the University of Exeter’s Master’s Degree in Magic and Occult Sciences curriculum, you are required to have an Honours degree or any degree equivalent to an Honours degree of 2:1 in humanities or social sciences. Apart from that, students from other countries must have a basic understanding of English since the course will be delivered entirely in English.

As per the University of Exeter’s official website, this fascinating postgraduate program will be led by research-inspired lecturers and guides. Owing to the varsity, students would be able to contribute effectively to society through a variety of means after earning a degree in this area. Furthermore, the official website states that the program’s course curriculum will include a core module of “ARAM251 Esotericism and the Magical Tradition”, that would cover themes associated with magic in Rome and Greece, as well as occult documents in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The course will be divided into two separate duration categories: one for one year as a full-time program, one for one year, and the other for two years as a part-time program.

In the meantime, a number of educational institutions in India offer MA and PG Diploma programs in Astrology. MA in Astrology is a two-year postgraduate study that calls for a bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects. Universities that offer this curriculum include SASTRA University in Thanjavur, Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai and the University of Ranchi.

Aside from the MA in Astrology, a small number of colleges also offer a 6-month to 1-year PG Diploma in Astrology. “The International School of Astrology” in New Delhi, “The Bharti Institute of Vedic Astrology” in New Delhi and “The Maharishi College of Vedic Astrology” in Udaipur are three such schools.

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