Students are told to ‘work from home on Fridays’ as college adopts a four-day week

Four-Day Work-week Across UK:

The UK has begun a six-month trial of a four-day workweek, with no pay loss for the thousands of participants.

Researchers from Cambridge, Boston College, and Oxford universities, as well as the non-profit group 4 Day Week Global, the UK think tank Autonomy, and the 4 Day Week UK Campaign, will conduct the study from June to December 2022. Enterprises can apply to participate in the trial if they want to, and 30 UK-based companies are anticipated to do so.

Four-Day Work-week in UK Schools And Universities :

The sources at our academic writing service, that are bringing you this article, have learned that school administrators are exploring three- or four-day work weeks to help pay for teacher pay increases and skyrocketing energy costs.

During the summer break, head teachers, trustees, and governors gather in “crisis meetings” to discuss ways to keep schools open for the upcoming school year.

Budgets for schools will be squeezed by anticipated teacher pay increases in September at the same time that energy prices are predicted to increase by up to 300 per cent.

Due to growing energy prices, a college has become the first to implement a four-day workweek. In an effort to save money in the face of rising costs, South Essex College, which includes campuses in Thurrock, Southend, and Basildon, has revealed intentions to close its classrooms on Fridays.

The institution, which offers programmes for 14-year-olds, undergraduates, and adults, announced that classes would continue to meet between Monday and Thursday for the same amount of hours of face-to-face instruction.

The funding per pupil in England decreased by 9% between 2010 and 2020 in real terms, placing significant financial strain on schools. 

By 2024, the Government has pledged an additional £7 billion for English school budgets, with the goal of returning expenditure per pupil to 2010 levels.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has cautioned that even after accounting for rising costs, such as a 9% increase in teacher compensation for new hires and a 5% increase for veteran teachers this year, spending per pupil in 2024 will still be 3% below 2010 levels in real terms.

It stated that teachers might use Fridays to catch up on marking and administrative tasks while students would be encouraged to use the day for “independent study” while working from home.

Productivity :

According to a college spokesman: “It is true that cost pressures on utilities and other elements of running the college have meant we have looked at ways to make savings that do not impact on students or staff.”  He said that closing classrooms on Fridays would give teachers “dedicated time to complete marking and admin, making the most of the benefits we have learnt from the past couple of years.”

He added: “This will also allow students to undertake independent study as they prepare for higher education or work.

“This decision will not disadvantage students as no study time will be lost and no sessions have been timetabled for Fridays. Instead, this day will incorporate the independent study time which is part of every course.

“It’s important to remember college differs from school in that independent study time has always been incorporated into all timetables with supervised learning scheduled for three or four days a week.”

A growing number of institutions want shorter weeks over rising expenditures :

Btec vocational certifications and A-levels are both offered at South Essex College. It has about 1,000 employees.

The institution has switched to a four-day workweek after The Telegraph reported last month that several school administrators throughout the nation were mulling shorter school weeks to cover teacher pay increases and crippling energy costs.

Schools and colleges are awaiting information about the six-month government support programme that would help them pay their energy expenses. At the conclusion of the following week, more information is anticipated to be released.

Geoff Barton, the Association of School and College Leaders general secretary, remarked:  “We hope this gives schools and colleges the information they desperately need about how the energy price guarantee will work. At the moment, they are in limbo as they do not have enough information for their financial planning. They also need to know what happens after the six months that the Government has indicated will be the time period of the scheme.”

Conclusion :

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