nationwide health initiative aimed at promoting healthy ageing

During this month-long campaign, individuals are encouraged to commit to making positive lifestyle choices in five key areas: Eat, Drink, Move, Connect and Engage, and Think. By enrolling in the online pledge, participants will adopt these health-conscious habits, developed by experts from The Open University, to enhance their overall well-being.

Lady Mary Peters, at the campaign’s launch, expressed her lifelong commitment to maintaining an active lifestyle at the age of 84. She emphasizes the importance of exercise, a nutritious diet, continuous learning, social interaction, and hydration for a healthier future, highlighting the interconnectedness of a healthy mind and body.

Research underscores that a substantial portion (70-80%) of the ageing process is influenced by environmental factors rather than genetics. By making minor adjustments to one’s lifestyle, it’s possible to lead longer and healthier lives.

Linda Robinson, Chief Executive of Age NI, emphasizes that the seemingly simple steps outlined in Take Five to Age Well can significantly impact an individual’s physical and mental well-being. As a leading organization for older adults, Age NI is dedicated to supporting extended well-being in later years.

The campaign builds upon the Five Pillars of Ageing Well, developed by Dr. Jitka Vseteckova, and is part of The Open University’s initiative to address complex societal challenges through research.

Some practical tips from Take Five to Age Well include activities like practising balance by standing on one leg while brushing teeth, staying hydrated by drinking water before snacks and meals, experimenting with new vegetables and recipes, engaging in short bursts of creativity, spending time with animals or walking in nature, and enjoying laughter for its mood-boosting and stress-reducing effects. The campaign encourages individuals to embrace these habits to promote healthy ageing.

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