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Tourism Dissertation Topics

Relevant tourism dissertation topic ideas 

The field of tourism has evolved by leaps and bounds. It has gradually developed so much in the recent years that students get attracted to know and learn about tourism. It is now a part of the curriculum in many colleges and universities. Naturally, students are encouraged to carry out research and write dissertation papers on the same. Here are 100 carefully curated Tourism Dissertation Topics Help that might inspire you to work on a Tourism Dissertation Topics Ideas that will fetch you impressive grades. 

A list of pertinent tourism dissertation topics 

  1. Elucidate the concept of ecotourism with a focus on the eco-tourism spots across the UK.
  2. How has technology brought a noticeable change in the traveling industry? Explain with p[roper examples.
  3. Provide a detailed account of the concept of dark tourism and how does it affect the tourism rates of the world traveling industries?
  4. Provide a detailed analysis of the factors that affect a tourist’s traveling decisions.
  5. How is the competitive environment in the world tourism and travel sector affecting the developing and the developed nations?
  6. How has the usage of internet affected the travel and tourism sector in the UK? Explain the extent.
  7. Explain the use of ICT in analyzing the preferences regarding several travel locations of different tourists.
  8. Provide a literature review elucidating the factors that affect and influence the tourism needs, demands, as well as the perceptions.
  9. How can you manage travel and tourism marketing post disasters?
  10. The environment is one of the top driving factors that discern the travelling decisions of tourists.
  11. What are the factors that impact destination selection for medical tourism?
  12. Explain the importance of eco-friendly practices and the effect on hotel selection decision: A case study of the hospitality industry in the UK. 
  13. How do social media platforms impact the decision making when it comes to choosing a destination for travelling?
  14. Provide a detailed assessment of the Impact of Government Rules, Regulations, and Policies on Tourism Development. Take the Developing Countries into consideration. 
  15. Analyse the Impact of Natural Hazards on the Tourism Industry of the UK. What are the Recommended Effective Measures to Minimise this risk?
  16. How have the works travel bloggers and vloggers impacted the travel and tourism industry?
  17. Describe the educational tourism programs and define the popularity of the host nations.
  18. Mention the Factors that Contribute Towards the Success of Work & Study Programs in the UK.
  19. Provide a critical analysis of the satisfaction of International Students who enrol themselves for Student Exchange Programmes in the UK
  20. What are the perceptions and attitudes of British students when it comes to going to summer camps?
  21. Describe the efficacy of marketing and communication tools used by the Thai plastic surgery and extreme makeover service providers. Critically analyze the attitude and perception of British travellers.
  22. Critically analyze the Factors that Influence the Decisions of British Women to opt for Body Contour Tour Packages in East Asia.
  23. How much has the Swiss weight control tour packages influenced the British women? Critically analyze the situation.
  24. Significance of choosing sex reassignment tour packages among Homosexuals.
  25.  What is the perception of the British Travelers of the Chinese World Heritage Tour? A Qualitative Study.
  1. Explain the Factors that Influence British Customers’ Decisions that revolve around Purchasing Egypt Tour Packages.
  2. Identify the Factors influencing Leisure Hotel Buying Decisions of British Customers.
  3. What are the features of a leisure hotel that attract British honeymoon couples?
  4. What are the Factors that influence the British Customers’ Decision to Choose a Particular Destination during the Summer/winter Holiday?
  5. What are the Attitudes and Perceptions of Tourists Towards Taj Mahal in India?
  6. What is the Impact of Hospitality Companies’ Brand Image on Tourists’ Buying Decisions?
  7. How can local Communities Benefit commercially and socially from Tours to Death/Casualty Sites – A critical study.
  8. Is Mercat Tour in Scotland a Grief Tourism Site for Potential Tourists?
  9. How is a Man-made Grief tourism Site Perceived by British Tourists? Provide explanation. 
  1. How Young British Females Perceive Facial Lifting package Tours in East Asia?
  2. How can health tourism facilitate the improvement of the country’s economy? Take India’s example.
  3. How is geo-tagging related to tourist mobility? Explain.
  4. Explain the functional performance of the tour operators and the recommendations related to the various travel destinations.
  5. Explain how the standards of sustainability can vary from country to country. Take three developed countries into consideration. 
  6. Explain whether resources based approach can promote sustainable tourism? If yes, explain.
  7. How can awareness be created that can be related to the natural resource conservation promoting sustainable tourism.
  8. Study the effect of Trip advisor effect on the behavior and decision making of the tourists.
  9. Does the environmental management system contribute to the efficient working of the tourism industry? If yes, explain how?
  10. How is it possible for countries to manage the demand and supply chain balance as far as tourism is concerned?
  11. Explain how international education is affecting the tourism industry in the developed countries.
  12. What are the strategies that help countries to increase their tourism rates?
  13. How can tourism help the poor countries to improve their economic conditions?
  14. Provide a comparative study of ratings of the best tourism destinations over the past 10 years.
  15. How is it possible for countries to promote educational tourism programs?
  16. Explain the antecedents of health tourism, the current trends, and what are the implications of these in the future?
  17. A systematic review of the challenges and the trends in the travel and tourism sector of the UK that has been taking place over the past five decades.
  18. How does social media act as the match making site between tourists and destination?  A detailed survey of the situation in the UK.
  19. Explore the social media recommendations for selecting the tourist spots – Provide a literature review.
  20. Does the quality of hotels at a location is a deciding factor while making traveling decisions?
  21.  Provide a critical study on Geo-tagging, tourist mobility and the spending behavior of the tourists.
  22. Study the scope and the challenges of tourist SMEs in the UK.
  23. What are the functional performance of the tour operators as far as recommendations for travel destinations are concerned? A detailed survey.
  24. How can smart technology entice tourists? Provide a detailed review of scope and the challenges.
  25. Explain the challenges that define the tourism in the UK. Provide a detailed survey.
  26. Does a movie setting location influence the tourism in that destination? Explain how does that affect the decision-making of a tourist?
  27. What is the relevance of social context mobile sensors for the travel and tourism industry – Provide a literature review. 
  28. What sort of experiences do tourists look for in a particular region of the world?
  29. Conduct a research to find out the willingness of a person to travel to an out of the box destination.
  30. Is it true that professional sports arenas and stadiums grab the attention of new tourists or are these locations meant primarily for local enjoyment?
  31. What are the effects of public parks and cultural centers on tourism that goes on for a whole year? What steps can cites take to help the tourists choose their travel destinations?
  32. Do family leisure time experiences matter to make a particular tourism spot attractive? 
  33. What do you think, if more people travelled to third world countries, those places would receive larger global response? If yes, then explain why.
  34. Compare the different tourism tactics that have been used in a major capital city. How does the city’s tourism success or failure rate against other cities of the world?
  35. How can the tourism increase in areas such as the South Pole or the wilderness of Canada? Explain the ways to do it.
  36. Why do you think the international tourism union would encourage vacationers to on yearly trips?

Tourism Dissertation Topics Ideas on local tourism

  • Do the infrastructure and the transportation affect local tourism and the economy? Explain how?
  • Critically analyze the rise in tourism in a specific region and provide a detailed comparison with others.
  • Does local crime affect the way tourists make decisions about the places they will vacation in?
  • Citizens from which countries mostly travel overseas to enjoy their vacations or backpacking trips? A proper case study.
  • What are the general methods that city tourism agencies utilize to attract the divers?
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the various travel seasons for countries with extreme weather conditions (too hot or too cold).
  • Explain how the religious holidays affect the way people travel to different parts of the world?
  • Does the US does enough to encourage international tourism? Is the tourism largely aimed towards citizens from across the fifty states?
  • The main challenges that city development faces to encourage tourism – explain with proper examples.
  • Offer a proper discussion on how global tourism will change. Shed light on the increasing violence throughout the world.
  • Talk about the South American nations in details that have the most developed economies to attract the tourists.
  • A critical analysis of the Jack the Ripper Site.
  • How can hospitality be associated with religion? A case study on India.
  • How has the globalization trend affected the international hospitality sector?
  • Explain the effects of internet revolution on the hospitality industry.
  • How has AI taken the hospitality sector by storm? A critical analysis.
  • Is Bangkok a good winter holiday destination? If yes, why do you think so and if no, then why? A complete analysis and survey. 
  • Is tourism trapping a blessing or a real menace? 
  • The high prices have affected the tourism sector in London. Explain how and why? 
  • South-East Asia is an attractive tourist destination, what makes it such an alluring tourist destination? Why is it more attractive to British travelers in the winters? 
  • What are the factors that affect British customers when they choose dark-tourism sites in foreign countries?
  • How do you propose to develop a marketing plan for London Dungeon? 

Tourism Dissertation Topics Help on The effect of the pandemic on the tourism sector

  • How has been Tourism affected after Coronavirus Pandemic ? What is the way Forward for Tourism and Hospitality Industry in the UK or Any Other Country? Choose a country that you like.
  • Provide a investigative report of the Long Term Effects of Prolonged and New Travel Restrictions on the tourism industry of the UK.
  •  Dubai Tourism has insisted that Emirate’s Hotel Sector is Healthy, and it has rejected the Bloomberg Report. What is the case really?
  • Will the travel sector of the UK be benefitted if the travel restrictions are eased? Explain how.
  • With the advent of the Corona Virus the Caribbean tourism suffers a big blow as the tourists have stopped traveling.
  • What is the condition of the tourism websites and the online tour agents? Explain the effects of the corona Virus Pandemic.
  • How has social distancing affected the tourism industry?
  • With Omicron making its steady entry into the picture, do you think traveling and tourism will not be much of a problem given the low virulence of the strain? Explain

So, go through the topics mentioned above and don’t be too stressed out regarding what to choose for your tourism dissertation topic.