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Dissertation Topics

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Social Work Dissertation Topics

100 Social Work Dissertation Topics Help for your Assignment Project

Social work students seeking higher studies must write a dissertation paper to earn their degree course certificate. Nonetheless, choosing an appropriate topic to write an authentic thesis becomes often a challenge for the students. For this reason, we at the British Dissertation Help website offer Social Work Dissertation topics help from experienced academic writers. They are devoted to helping students write stellar papers to secure desired grades in their art course. Before we see some of the Social Work Dissertation Topics ideas, here are some keywords you can consider for developing your own set of topics:
  1. Child abuse
  2. Drug abuse
  3. Alcoholism
  4. ADHD
  5. PTSD
  6. Domestic Abuse
  7. Correctional system
  8. Depression
  9. Anxiety
  10. support systems
  11. Bipolar syndrome
  12. Dyslexia
  13. OCD
  14. Psychiatry
  15. Paranoia
  16. LGBTQ+ Community
  17. Counselling
  18. therapy
  19. Foster Care
  20. Teenage Adoption
  21. Alzheimer’s Disease
  22. Down’s syndrome
  23. Social Sigma
  24. Tourette syndrome live chat button

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100 Social Work Dissertation Topics Ideas

General Topics for Social Working 

1. Social work and its historical evolution

2. Therapy and its importance for modern teenagers

3. A study on domestic abuse in middle-class homes

4. Compassion fatigue: An exhaustive study

5. Child drug abuse and psychological impacts in the society

6. Modern-day social work and the challenges associated with it

7. Minority groups and understanding their struggles

8. An investigation into drug sensitisation in high schools

9. A study on the social stereotypes associated with depression

10. Psychological violence and the damages it causes

Social Work Dissertation Topics Help

11. Impact of trauma in the education of foster home children

12. Impact of community violence on the lives of the LGBT+ community

13. Criminal Justice System and how it is failing America’s social lifestyle

14. How to identify workplace trauma

15. Addressing Workplace violence: The remedies

16. Depression: Teenagers and the early signs of anxiety

17. The child-parent separation issue and the associated risks

18. Expensive American healthcare system and its influence on the minority groups

19. Psychological effects of poverty and scarcity on young children

20. Studying addictive behaviour as a byproduct of substance abuse

21. A comparative study on Bipolar I and Bipolar II

22. On controlling Addiction: Finding a cure

23. Alcohol abuse and its impact on the academic performance

24. Bipolar patients and designing a supporting mechanism for them

25. Addressing the obesity problem in America

Human Services Topics for Social Work

26. Food banks and their positive impact on the lives of young Americans

27. Nature, Extent and Remedies of high school bullying

28. On cultivating a loving culture in foster care homes

29. An analysis on America’s carceral shortcomings

30. Homophobia: The nature and problems in America

31. A study on socially integrating Dyslexic people

32. Foodbanks and their negative effects on the psychology of teenagers

33. Developing a support system of LGBTQ+ children

34. American correctional system and its failures

35. A closer look into the Police system of America

36. Juvenile delinquency and adult incarceration: A comparative study

37. Child trafficking: Impact on the society and the psychology of a child

38. Psychological trauma related to Human trafficking on the victims

39. Schooling system and a study on depression, anxiety and panic in toddlers

40. Homophobia: Assessment of impact on LGBTQ+ Adults

41. Family Cruelty and its impact on children

42. Effects of misdiagnosed mental illness

43. On Addressing domestic and Spousal violence

44. Why welfare workers require therapy and support groups

45. Home violence and its negative psychological influence on children

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Social Work Dissertation Topics Help on Thesis

46. Psychological and emotional impacts of immature parents on adult children

47. Addressing and evaluating child abuse in foster care

48. Child abuse: A psychological burden

49. Cognitive behavioural therapy in foster care and how it can change lives

50. Trauma: Effects and remedies

51. Examining Harmful effects of Juvenile delinquency

52. Reassessing the American rehabilitation system

53. Gender Disparity in correctional facilities: Truth or Perception

54. Structural racism inside the welfare system of America: A study

55. ADHD: Investigating the myths associated and finding remedies

56. Studying codependency as a feature of displacement

57. Expecting mothers and the effects of prepartum depression

58. The role of Interdependency and codependency in the society

59. Home emotional unavailability and how it gives rise to codependency

60. Social workers and their roles in preventing drug abuse

Miscellaneous topics on Social work

61. Sexually violated children: How sexual violence shapes the life of a future citizen

62. On understanding the victim syndrome

63. Positive and Negative effects of foster parenting

64. Diversity and how to apply it in the social work sector

65. Foster kids and the evils of neglect-syndrome

66. Spirituality: How it can get used as a social work technique

67. Same-sex relationship in the light of social work

68. Importance of therapy for the less represented groups

69. Differences between clinical depression and undiagnosed depression

70. Drug vulnerability: Nature and benefits for addicts

71. Misdiagnosis and the challenges it presents for mentally challenged people

72. Confinement: The dangers and concerns

73. A psychological study on the negative effects of physical abuse on spousal intimacy

74. Abusive parenting: A study into the psychological, emotional and physical effects

75. The infectiousness of Verbal and Physical abuse in the children’s lives

76. Inherent challenges of interracial marriages: A case study

77. Negative impacts of conversion therapy on the LGBTQ+ community

78. Birth control laws: Impact on the society

79. Increased cost of housing in America and the psychological effects on young millennials

80. Low income and its relationship with the rising cases of drug abuse

81. Wellness therapy and its sustainability in the long run

82. In-depth analysis of the impacts of first-time menstrual experience on teenage girls

83. Abortion bans and the psychological dangers associated with it

84. Low paid labour and the problems it creates in the workspace

85. Impacts of teenage pregnancy on teenage mothers

86. Social media: A study on the online platforms and the pressure they create on the lives of teenage children

87. Experiences of women living in shelter homes: A case study

88. A closer look into a healthy client-therapist relationship in psychiatry

89. Disability disparity in the Health care system and the social works department

90. A study on the Foster kids and the future attachment styles they adopt

91. ADHD and its effect on the adults

92. PTSD and the challenges it brings to the life of war veterans

93. The social relegation of Autism children: A case study

94. Psychological effects of homelessness and building a support system

95. Bipolar parents and the effects of flawed parenting on the lives of the children

96. Challenges and Advantages associated with teenage adoption

97. Addressing the stigma surrounding the stability

98. Alcoholism and its relationship with the rising cases of domestic abuse

99. A closer look into the undisclosed rape cases

100. Addressing the suicidal tendencies within the Military


This section marks the end of the exhaustive list of 100 top social work dissertation topics ideas to start writing an excellent dissertation thesis. If you require help for the entire part of writing your Social dissertation, ask help from us at the British Dissertation Help website and get an instant response.
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