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Dissertation Topics

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Psychotherapy Dissertation Topics

Psychotherapy students pursuing higher studies must write a dissertation paper to earn their degree course certificate. However, determining a fitting topic to write a genuine thesis becomes often a challenge for the students. On this basis, we at the British Dissertation Help website offer Psychotherapy Dissertation topics help from experienced academic writers. They are devoted to helping students write stellar papers to secure desired grades in their Psychotherapy course. Before we see some of the Psychotherapy Dissertation Topics Ideas, here are some keywords you can consider for developing your own set of topics:

  • Insomnia
  • Phobia
  • Paranoia
  • Divorce
  • Adultery
  • Cheating
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Colour Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Antidepressants
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • Violence
  • Internet Policing
  • Human trafficking
  • Child Abuse
  • Trauma

100 fresh Psychotherapy Dissertation Topics Help in various Categories

General Psychotherapy Topics

  • 1. Educational Psychology and its application in Psychotherapy
  • 2. Relation between self-esteem and academic success: An assessment
  • 3. Affection to children: Importance, Nature and Advantages
  • 4. An investigation into homosexuality as a psychological disorder
  • 5. Attachment theory: A study into the development of subjective self in the children
  • 6. Operant conditioning: How it works and the opportunities it presents
  • 7. A closer examination of fetishes and associated behaviours
  • 8. Music Therapy and its positive impact on child’s cognitive skills
  • 9. Achievement gaps and how they influence the lives of people
  • 10. A Discussion on the remedies of anxiety disorder in children and ways to improve test performance
  • 11. Learning styles: Identification of learning patterns in children for maximum output
  • 12. Anorexia: Why it is increasing in children

Counselling Psychotherapy Dissertation Topics Help

  • 13. Finding a relationship between personality and choice of pet
  • 14. Marriage: How a social obligation can alter personalities
  • 15. A discussion on the factors affecting one’s problems solving abilities
  • 16. Temperament and Creativity: How they are interrelated
  • 17. A comparative study of explicit and implicit memory: Drawing a distinction
  • 18. Nature, scope and Opportunities of Language development and Speech therapy in children
  • 19. Concept of Attention span and why it is low among children
  • 20. Personality, Prosaic behaviour and the commonalities they share
  • 21. Color psychology and how it influences the cognitive development studies
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Psychotherapy Dissertation Topics Ideas on Industrial Psychology

  • 22. Hate crime: The psychological influences on the society
  • 23. Roles and responsibilities of psychologists in military interrogation
  • 24. Abortion and its Emotional effects on the well-being of a woman
  • 25. An elaborate study on why attractive people have the upper hand at the workplace
  • 26. Homelessness and its adverse impact on the mental health
  • 27. Roles and responsibilities of family in the socialisation of a child
  • 28. Psychological impacts of miscarriage on a couple and trauma recovery techniques
  • 29. Dreams and their influence on one’s social life
  • 30. Finding a link between violent fantasies and past traumatic events in one’s life
  • 31. Emotional and physical effects of laughter on Health
  • 32. Television and Obesity: What is the relation
  • 33. Working memory and Attention span: A comparative study
  • 34. Depression and its damaging effects on one’s self-esteem
  • 35. Gender roles and how they define the identity in a child
  • 36. On dreams and their deeper meaning for a healthy life

Psychotherapy Thesis Topics

  • 37. Stroop Effect and how it unravels one’s mind
  • 38. Colors and their effects on a child’s learning process
  • 39. Music and the psychological response they create
  • 40. Midlife crisis in men and women: The difference and similarities
  • 41. Effect of age on the memory of a person
  • 42. A study on why women are more prone to depression than men
  • 43. Effectiveness of programs to curb suicide among teens
  • 44. Young adults and mood disorders
  • 45. Impact of undiagnosed mental disorders in the society
  • 46. Taste of music and its relationship with one’s personality
  • 47. Social relationships and how genetics play a role in them
  • 48. A review on the theory of behavioural games
  • 49. A study on the first symptoms of ADHD among children and Adults
  • 50. Psychotherapeutic Strategies to cope with loss and grief
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Mental Health Dissertation Topics for Psychotherapy

  • 51. Divorce and its long term psychological effects on adult children
  • 52. Mental health-related problems a prisoner encounters in the prison
  • 53. How social media plays a predominant role in the spread of aggression
  • 54. Cyberbullying: Scope and Impact on psychological health
  • 55. Covid-19 pandemic and the state of psychological resilience and health
  • 56. Breakups and their role in damaging a man’s emotional health
  • 57. Emotional attachment and its impact on one’s wellbeing
  • 58. Social media friendship and mental health: An investigative study
  • 59. How television advertisements hinder the cognitive development of an individual: A case study of U.S
  • 60. Unemployment as a life event and its effects on the mental health of a person

Forensic Psychology Topics for Psychotherapy

  • 61. Designing a set of rules to follow for psychologists for verbal interaction with criminals in court
  • 62. Rules of conduct to be followed by a psychologist
  • 63. Examining the legitimacy and reliability of an eyewitness’s memory
  • 64. A discussion on the practical strategies for making internet policing effective
  • 65. Copycat crimes and the role of the internet in augmenting them
  • 66. An investigation into the trend of society to undermine the domestic violence inflicted upon men
  • 67. Why prisons are not enough as a rehabilitation strategy in the criminal justice system
  • 68. Factors that contribute to the emergence of internal terrorism in the U.S
  • 69. Law enforcement and its invasiveness to one’s private life

Social Psychology Dissertation Topics for Psychotherapy

  • 70. An assessment about the early signs of mental illness among infants
  • 71. Causes and Effects of ADHD in infants
  • 72. Psychological harm of spanking on a child’s mind
  • 73. Social intuitionist model and how it can be used to evaluate the contribution of emotion and reason in moral judgement
  • 74. Antisocial behaviour among young adults: A case study
  • 75. Automatic effects of priming and its influence on complex social behaviour
  • 76. An investigation into the reasons behind increased stress and depression in young adults
  • 77. Why second-born children are more successful than the elder siblings
  • 78. An introductory discussion on the psychological development in the different phases of a child’s growth
  • 79. Adoption: From a psychological and ethical viewpoint
  • 80. Preventive measures to curb childhood abuse
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Clinical Psychology topics for Psychotherapy Dissertation

  • 81. Defining the symptoms of Schizophrenia and finding potential therapies 
  • 82. Paranoia and Phobia: A comparative study
  • 83. Individuals with compulsions and obsessions and how the demographic and clinical factors predict and insight into their behaviour
  • 84. A discussion on the different treatments of Insomnia
  • 85. Treatment of Depression: The most effective practices
  • 86. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The imminent Factors behind this psychological damage
  • 87. Can behavioural therapy be a viable treatment for criminals?
  • 88. Chronic pain and how psychotherapy can be a tool for managing it 
  • 89. Therapeutic practices to treat panic attacks and anxiety disorder
  • 90. On treating Depression: The most effective practices
  • 91. The uses and dangers of antidepressants in therapy treatments
  • 92. An introduction to the concept of body image and how it determines the identity in young adults
  • 93. Sleeping disorders and how it impacts the performance of an athlete
  • 94. Panic attacks in athletes and potential strategies to combat them
  • 95. How can sports psychology promote mental health in schoolgoing teenagers?
  • 96. Effective strategies to control negative emotions appropriately
  • 97. Effectiveness of Physical exercise in managing mood swings
  • 98. The Mythological elements in psychology and how to use them of an effective therapy 
  • 99. Mood Freezing and its effects on a person’s psyche
  • 100. A review of the most notorious psychological experiments and discussing their ethical flaws

This section marks the conclusion of the exhaustive list of 100 top Psychotherapy Dissertation Topics Ideas to start writing an excellent dissertation thesis. If you require help for the entire part of writing your Psychotherapy dissertation, ask help from us at the British Dissertation Help website and get an instant reply.
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