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Covid-19: Swann declares, NI is facing the most exhausting winter ever experienced

Covid-19: Swann declares, NI is facing the most exhausting winter ever experienced

Robin Swann the Health minister of Northern Ireland officially declares this winter as the most difficult one that has ever been faced by the people of Northern Ireland. The health minister of NI highlighted some critical statements in a written format and passed this to the local health trusts, for taking the necessary initiative to defeat the winter health hazards and further pressure of Covid 19. Swann also stated, throughout the summer and autumn of 2021 the health care sector of NI is dealing with different circumstances that are associated with the admission of patients.

Current Covid 19 status in NI

Naomi Long’s standpoint is that the relaxing rules of Covid 19 may spread the transmission of Covid 19 in a significant manner. According to her opinion, the spreading of Covid 19 disease is again increasing due to the relaxation of using face covers in several public gatherings such as nightclubs. According to the last update of the Health Department of NI, during the last few hours, seven people have died in North Ireland. The Health Department also reported 1,355 active Covid 19 cases in NI. However, while understanding the importance of the situation the Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon and Ms Long are aiming to make some changes to the Covid restrictions.

As per the Thursday report, people will get some relaxation by wearing masks while dancing in nightclubs.

Actions are taken by the Health Minister of NI to mitigate the further pressure

Swann has allocated 586 new hospital beds for mitigating the problems, additionally; he included Elective surgery hubs to pursue the planned operation throughout the winter. The minister also stated that to control the entire situation the HSC (Health and Social Care) will require a powerful workforce. Therefore, he is about to launch a workforce appeal for including an efficient task force in the HSC. The ministry is aiming to enrich the medical team by including the people who have currently left their medical care service due to retirement. Mr Swann has assigned a fund to diminish the scale of financial problems that will appear due to the upcoming unscheduled pressure of winter health hazards and the Covide 19 outbreak. He also added the department is undertaking a programme to recognize the ‘green sites’ or Covid light.

The reaction of the Healthcare services

As per the last minute report of Thursday, it has been revealed that Lagan Valley Hospital and Belfast City Hospital are going to make the necessary steps for including the ‘green sites’. Robin Swann has claimed all the HSC service sectors will take the integrated approach for surging the winter planning. The healthcare sectors positively responded while assuring to improve in the discharge procedure to maintain the coordination among the entire matter.

Mr Swann also claimed the emergency department of the hospitals in Northern Ireland has already started to provide a significant operating system that is beyond their capacity. According to the declaration of the Health Minister, the HSCB or Health and Social Care Board of NI is collaborating themself with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, Public Health Agency and also with five different trusts providers, to make improvements in the emergency department of NI.

Concluding words

Ms Swan also urges the people to use the services accordingly to avoid the circumstances that might appear during this fatigue winter. The great collective effort of the entire nation and support of the healthcare workers will support overcoming this uncertain danger