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Britain Offers Covid Booster to People of more than 40 years

Britain Offers Covid Booster to People of more than 40 years of Age Amidst Rising Covid Cases

In UK, adults  falling in 40+ age group category are given Covid boosters to curb the spread of pandemics during the winter.  The extension of the booster program was declared by the country’s medical staff and experts at a press conference on Monday.

With 12.6 million people across UK getting the booster dose, the country is leaving no stone unturned to eradicate the deadly pandemic and shield the citizens.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was found saying that it would be “utter tragedy” if people with double vaccination became critically ill or died due to low immunity in their body.

He also added that an imminent lockdown or Plan B is unlikely to happen at the moment; in spite of “storm clouds” gathering in Europe, where Covid cases are escalating and spreading. But at the same time he refused to rule out the chances of lockdown if required with the number of people affected by the virus escalating due to the half-term holidays.  According to the health management in UK so far 39, 705 have been affected by it. This was clearly the warning signal and wake-up call for the British healthcare department who took the initiative to introduce the booster and make the people safer.

He also said giving booster doses to the people aging more than 40 is essential to make foreign travel easier as it would make their immune system potent to fight against the deadly virus.

People in UK aged 40-49 are given Pfizer-BioNTech jab or a half dose of the Moderna vaccine, which would make the susceptible rate to Covid zero. It is given after six months of the second dose of Covid vaccine.

Deputy Chief medical officer for England Prof Jonathan Van-Tam said: “If the booster programme is a success and we have very high uptake, we can massively reduce worry about hospitalization and death this Christmas and this winter for millions of people.

What kind of protection the does booster offer to people?

With more and more people becoming vulnerable to Covid in the UK, the situation called for a safe and effective booster dose that could combat all the symptoms of the infection and ensure the health and longevity of the people. 

As per the health management services in the UK the booster will drastically curb the risk of deaths caused by Covid or other severe diseases and cut down 93% chances of suffering from Covid. It is effective in dealing with flu-like symptoms and found to be totally safe.

 According to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency “This further strengthens our ability to ensure people are protected against Covid-19 and saves lives,”

The introduction of the booster dose makes the healthcare department in Britain one of the proactive ones and an example for other nations to follow who’s thinking giving a second dose of the Covid vaccine is enough for adults.

 Is it safe for the people?

Yes, the booster dose has been recommended by the doctors in Britain which rules out safety concerns. June Raine, CEO of the British medicines regulator found the booster to be an “overwhelmingly positive benefit-risk balance.” She also said that “Since the booster doses began to be rolled out, we have identified no new safety concerns,” 

 With adults more than 40 years of age becoming eligible for the booster it is expected to maximize their protection against Covid. The booster will strengthen their immune system which will in turn boost their body’s ability to fight against the infection.

This was necessary as the death tolls were rising and were likely to increase during the winter season. It’s because during the winter months immunity levels in people tend to wane and therefore combating flu-like symptoms becomes difficult. Therefore the booster has come at the right time which will drastically reduce the number of people falling badly ill due to Covid and getting infected.