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Australia all geared up to open up its borders after almost 2 years

Australia all geared up to open up its borders after almost 2 years

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Australia has been pretty strict regarding its border rules. It boxed itself up to avoid the further spread of the virus. But, recently the honorable Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, said, “It’s time to give Australians their lives back,” by this he meant that Australia is all geared up to open up its borders for the Australians traveling from one state to another (only vaccinated individuals and when their states hit 80% vaccination rate) from November onwards.

What about people traveling from different countries to Australia?

Australia has not yet decided on the stance. However, it is preparing itself to welcome back tourists to its shores. However, immediately it is not ready to open its door for foreigners.

Happy moment for the Australians who have not visited their friends and families in two years

Amy Hayes, a regular Australian living in the English town of Reading, Berkshire, has been staying away from relatives back in Queensland for three years, she said, “encouraging to see things moving in the right direction.” Australians are happy because they will be able to happily reunite with their families after a long duration of almost two years. However, there are mixed reactions among people regarding this rule change. Some are scared of the disaster COVID can bring with it. Especially, people from the western parts of Australia showed discontent. David Mullahey, living in Western Australia, which does not allow entry to Australians residing in the other parts of the country, seems to have been traumatized by the havoc this virus has been wreaking all across the world. He said that “Covid has hardly touched us here, and we’ve had limited deaths. Why should we risk being put in the same scenario as Victoria and New South Wales?”

The Present status

The equation stands out as: people are allowed to leave the country but only for emergency purposes such as visiting a dying relative. In these two years of intense tension and discord, Australia has witnessed more than 107,000 cases of Covid-19 and over 1,300 deaths. It is natural to be panic-stricken. However, Australia is interested in taking calculated steps. Hence, it is checking and contemplating its decision to open up its gates for foreigners.

Citizens of Australia and others with exemption can enter the country. However, the number of people arriving in Australia has a strict capping. The strict regulations have left people high and dry who are stuck in other countries.

Previously, anybody who was traveling from this state to that for emergency purposes or entering the country with exemptions was supposed to follow the strict 14-day hotel quarantine protocol mandatorily. Yes, it was a costly affair because the cost would be around A$3,000 (£1,600; $2,100) for each traveler. But, PM Morrison made it clear that the rule would be changed to mandatory seven days of home quarantine for Australians who have been vaccinated Australians or who are permanent residents of the country.

However, there’s a piece of bad news for unvaccinated travelers: they will have to follow the 14 days hotel quarantine protocol strictly.

Well, Western Australia and Queensland will continue to follow the elimination policy. It means they will still keep their borders sealed.

The reaction of Airline Services

Airlines have made it crystal clear that the ramping up of services is not possible so fast. In fact, maximum details are still pretty confusing as far as the rules pertaining to restrictions and proof of vaccination are concerned. It is a problem for the border authorities.

Sydney is coming out of the long isolation period on the 11th of October. This is a piece of great news for the people stranded overseas who felt Australia did not care for their well-being.

Conclusion: It is time to jazz up a little bit because families will come together this Christmas and engage in celebrations. This is an emotional moment for many. However, the international borders of the country will be opened very safely with a series of rules and regulations in place.