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Marketing Projects Ideas

80 Fabulous Marketing Projects Topic Ideas for Postgraduate Students

Are you looking to begin your project on marketing but cannot decide on the topic? Are you unable to brainstorm your ideas and come up with a great topic for your marketing assignment? It’s time to release your stress, as our subject matter experts have come up with 100 marketing research topics. 

Marketing Research Topics based on consumer behaviour, psychology and marketing strategies

  1. Effective brand management strategies and tactics
  2. Reasons for failure of a brand
  3. A survey on customer satisfaction and ways to achieve them
  4. Understanding the mindset of customers when it comes to buying decisions
  5. An analysis on the effectiveness of advertising
  6. An assessment on customer loyalty
  7. A survey on market potential for the business of logistics 
  8. An evaluation on impulsive buying behaviour of customers
  9. Examination of sales campaigns and advertising tactics
  10. Successful brand management strategies
  11. The outcome of recession promotion
  12. Factors influencing positive and negative word of mouth publicity with reference to restaurant industry
  13. Unethical behaviour of retailers and the response of consumers toward it
  14. Effects of product and customer features on free sample procedure
  15. What propels buyers to shop products from a reputed e-commerce site like Amazon?
  16. How does marketing planning impact marketing in the domain of sports?
  17. How can organisations utilise Big Data to acquire an interpretation of their customers’ mind and attitude?
  18. An exploration of the insights of the customers concerning green marketing
  19. What are the precursors of word-of-mouth communications?
  20. What are the impacts of negative word-of-mouth publicity on the performance of firm?
  21. Does the significance of beliefs and attitudes differ across low and high involvement products?
  22. How does gender effect online buying behaviour of luxury goods?
  23. How is social media marketing influencing the purchasing behaviour of luxury goods in the fashion industry?
  24. How effective marketing tactics improve the existing and future scenario of fashion industry?

Marketing Research Topics related to current trends

  1. Ways companies have boosted sales through search engine optimization campaigns 
  2. Creativity in marketing campaigns. A look into breakthroughs and innovations
  3. Factors influencing compulsive purchasing behaviour in credit card buyer
  4. Effect of in-store shelf spacing on purchase intent of customers
  5. Factors that influences retention of existing customers in the hotel industry
  6. Latest trends in retail sector: An in-depth analysis
  7. How high-quality marketing strategies is vital for boosting the sales in the food and beverage industry of Britain?
  8. To evaluate the packaging variables and their influence on user inclination in soft drink
  9. Role played by outdoor advertising in triggering consciousness and developing insight for social reasons
  10. Ways innovative product marketing can pave the way for competitive edge.
  11. How customers choose brands based on consumer environmental consciousness and environmental friendliness?
  12. Role played by customer relationship management
  13.  for retaining customers as adopted by a brand or company
  14. Role of store image in impacting consumer preferences towards a brand
  15. Brand consciousness and brand approaches as the predictors of market share
  16. Influence of advertising and price sensitivity on buyer purchasing behaviour
  17. An analysis on using credit cards by customers for expenditures 
  18. Result of humour advertising on customer brand insight
  19. A connotation between messages conveyed through advertising and content and client response
  20. To investigate the consequences of offensive images and tests on ad recall, brand recall, and brand image
  21. Role of communication on brand assessment and appraisal
  22. Role and significance of integrated marketing communications on consumer behaviour
  23. Link between customer satisfaction and loyalty schemes: A detailed study
  24. The impact of online marketing on consumer behaviour and purchasing decision
  25. A comparative study on technology-driven customer engagement vs traditional engagement procedures in marketing
  26. A detailed analysis on how innovation has transformed and maintained brand equity? 
  27. An exploration of branding strategies and its impact and application
  28. A study on how packaging impacts purchasing choices of people
  29. An assessment of social media promotions and traditional promotions and comparison between the two
  30. How social media marketing helps in building relations with customers?
  31. How competitive advantage within an organisation can be boosted by direct marketing strategies within the operative industry?
  32. Ways to understand consumer mindset or psychology to formulate sound marketing strategies.
  33. Exploring the effectiveness of client service chatbots – beneficial or unsatisfying?
  34. A survey on the marketing challenges encountered by a financial firm such as bank and insurance
  35. An exploration of the marketing strategies should a company dealing in heavy equipment must adopt when venturing into a monopolistic market with cut-throat scenario.  
  36. To what extent effective marketing strategies can boost present and future retail performance in the fashion industry?
  37. A review of the main marketing strategies that entrepreneurs in the UK must employ when getting into a business domain with limited know-how.

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Marketing Research Topics revolving around ethics

  1. How firms deceive or delude people to augment sales? An in-depth analysis
  2. An assessment on ineffective marketing campaigns and exploration of the reasons behind their failure
  3. A critical exploration of spam laws in online advertising
  4. Link between marketing ethics and CSR
  5. An exploration of the main ethical issues in the marketing activities of pharmacological products in the UK.

Marketing Research Topics involved with 4Ps of marketing mix

  1. Do price adjustment policies differ in online and offline platforms?
  2. Can an obvious global pricing strategy have adverse effects on brand reputation and image? 
  3. Does public relations campaigns work following the debacle of a brand? 
  4. The influence of firms differing in the frequency of their advertisements in digital and offline platforms and on customers’ buying objectives? The case of Waterstone’s.
  5. The effect of persuasive marketing on customer behaviour and the availability of product information
  6. A comparative study of comparison and non-comparison promotion and the effect on customers’ buying motives in reference to the alcoholic drinks industry in the US.
  7. An exploration of advantages and disadvantages of online advertising from the prospect of global marketing.
  8. Does point-of-purchase promotions work in an online setting and can be as effective as that of offline?
  9. How vital is location to customer choice in the UK’s aviation business?
  10. How has the Internet generated brand consciousness for unsought products? 
  11. Is word-of-mouth (i.e. online customer reviews) the new constituent of the Advertising mix?
  12. How vital is the marketing mix for NGOs? A detailed study
  13. The impact of brand responsiveness on consumers’ buying choices. The case of low and high involvement product categories.