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How to Write a Dissertation Step by Step?

How to Write a Dissertation Step by Step?

Writing a dissertation is a tricky task for undergraduate and PhD students. It takes a lot of time and energy to come up with something exceptional. But as contrary to what many of us believe it to be a painful process it’s easy to execute if you have the vision and creativity. From choosing a topic to designing the structure there are many steps involved in the project. Let’s find out each one of them in detail.

1. Find an interesting and valuable topic for research

The very first step is to find out an interesting, valuable and unique topic for your dissertation that kindles your interest. It should not be vague or have ambiguity about it. Choose a topic on which you can do the planning, conduct research and write plenty of things.

Your selected research topic should be neither too broad nor too narrow – allowing you to collect the required secondary and primary facts in a comparatively short time. If you’re stuck with the topic and need guidance then going for an online dissertation help service is the best choice. You’ll get professional assistance from expert writers who will conduct meticulous research to find an interesting topic and look after all the complex aspects before coming up with an impeccable one.

2. Make the introduction stronger and compelling

Craft a powerful introduction by including a problem statement, research questions, the significance of the study etc. Make sure it is strong and interesting because it will help you in selling your paper.

3. Determine the structure

All dissertations irrespective of the subject have similar formats. They incorporate title research aim, research objectives, literature reviews (showing different theories and assumptions), research methodologies and techniques (such as questionnaires, interview data, and surveys), results, project timeline, and references.

4. Collect data and conduct an investigation

The next step is gathering the facts and data in visual and audio forms. This is the most vital step and there is no scope for error. The proven methods are interviews, surveys, statistics and much more. Data collection is a time-consuming process and you need to show patience while delving deeper. If you find the process to be tricky, then you should avail online dissertation help at the hand of professionals.

5. Extract  the conclusion of your study

Wrap up the paper by presenting your conclusion. Highlighting your key findings and suggesting the results.  The conclusion must include the outline of the main points in the body and the statement of the paper. Complete it with the reference list which incorporates the sources and citations from which you’ve taken help while drafting the project.

Remember the guidelines

There are some things that you need to remember while drafting your research study paper. It includes

  • Writing in simple words is the secret of success whether you’re writing an undergraduate master’s or PhD level paper. Avoid using jargon for a profound impact.
  • Make sure the content is 100% unique and free of plagiarism.
  • Take the help of a supervisor and communicate with him on a regular basis. From feedback to criticism you can easily benefit by interacting with him regarding the project.
  • Stick to a routine on a regular basis.
  • Time management is the key. Stay focused and keep procrastination at bay because it spans several months.
  • Set objectives and goals before getting started.
  • Leave some time off for editing, quality-checking, improving, and formatting the paper. Eliminate all the spelling and grammatical errors and make sure the paper is flawless.
  • Curb down all the activities that distract you and disrupt your workflow.

Want to stand out with your dissertation paper? Follow the structure mentioned above and attain the highest grade at undergraduate masters and PhD level.