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Expert’s Advice to reduce your stress during university exams

The word examination is enough to bring about a feeling of dread and worry in the minds of most of the students, who often times feel stressed by the prospect of appearing in an evaluator assessment. Some students, however, are self-assured and don’t let the stress of examination hamper their mental as well as physical health.

A little bit of stress, or say pressure can be good for the students, as that keeps them motivated, but this condition of examination stress becomes detrimental when it affects the mental health of the students. This stress works like a self-fulfilling prophecy as the very thing that causes a student to experience examination stress, the fear of performing poorly, is caused by that same stress, as a direct cause and effect phenomenon.

Examination stress can, and does manifest itself both physically and mentally. A student can experience fast heartbeats, headache, tense muscles, upset stomach, nausea and difficulty falling asleep; a student can also develop fidgety behaviours like, nail-biting etc. It is also very common for a student experiencing examination stress to develop anxiety and portray restlessness; this makes it hard for them to concentrate. On the contradictory, an utter incapacity to function and depression can also take the hold of a student.

Examination stress has become such a regular thing for a student to experience that it is considered to be a necessary evil that every student must face. But here is the thing, debilitating stress cannot be a regular thing for a student, or for that matter anyone to go through, because, it affects a person’s mental and physical wellbeing.

If you are a student stressing over your examinations, and feeling helpless, then you must go through and follow the following advice, brought to you by the experts of British Dissertation Help that would help you reduce stress, during university exams:

1. Have a positive outlook: As you know it well that examination can’t be avoided, but it is totally up to you how to choose to approach it. If you assume that the worst outcome is bound to happen when you appear in your examination, then you have lost have lost the battle even before you have gone to the battle field. Hoping for the best, and believing that you can persevere through the worst, can really make your stress go down.\

2. Take care of your eating and sleeping: When we are going through a difficult time, the very first thing we subconsciously sacrifice is our self-care. Trust the experts when they say that making sure to eat right, and getting enough rest will not go futile in your quest to survive your examination stress.

3. Set realistic goals: You must be real with yourself in terms of what can be achieved and what has to be forsaken, so as to not be burnt out. Whether you have a few weeks, days, or hours before your exam, setting attainable goals will help you put everything into perspective.

4. Make a schedule: In order to manage your time efficiently and make the most out of the available time, make a schedule, that chalks out the time when you will study and when you will take a break. Remember, not to fall in the traps of to-do lists or check lists, as they will just add to your stress and anxiety; make a schedule just to remind you at what time you should be studying a particular topic and at what time you will be taking breaks. Make sure to take enough breaks.

5. Talk to people: When we are stressed often times we feel breathless, and everything, even our own existence feels pointless. It is not hard-pressed to see that examination does indeed have the capacity to make a student feel this way. It is during times like these that a student must talk to other people. You, as the sufferer of examination stress need outpour your heart to other people; now, they could be classmates, teachers, guardians, and even counsellors and therapists. Do not hesitate to reach out to people, because your wellbeing is your responsibility and you must do anything and everything to keep yourself safe and healthy.

6. Put yourself first: Remember no matter how important an examination might seem right now, at the end of the day, it too shall pass. It is not like examinations are not important for a student, but they are sure not more important than the wellbeing of a student. So remember, no matter how hard things get, make yourself your priority and not the examination.

Examinations are indeed a stress inducing scenario in the life of a student, and what makes it even more stressful is the very limited time that a student is afforded. The higher the educational qualification the student strives to achieve, the constricted the time get. A university student not only have to attend classes, attend private tuitions, take care of their co-curricular activities, but also write and submit their dissertations and assignments on time.

If you are a student who is finding it hard to manage time, and as a result unable to study because the lack of time is stressing you out, then British Dissertation Help can be of some help to you.

British Dissertation Help is an academic writing service provider, and one of the well-known ones at that. While they can’t reduce your examination stress directly, but they can do it indirectly, by providing Assignment Help and Dissertation Help to you. If you avail their services, you can dedicate all your time indulge in preparing for your examinations, while they work on your assignments and dissertations, and deliver it before deadline to you.

There is no shame in taking help when needed, because all of it will indeed make your future better. So, don’t stress and be resourceful; make use of all the resources available to you.