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Ministers may cap number of children foreign students can bring to UK

In an effort to combat unwelcome immigration, ministers are considering limiting the number of children that international students are allowed to bring into the country.

The amount of dependents (up to six) that international students are bringing into the nation worries Nadhim Zahawi, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

They are concerned that some international students are bringing up to six dependents, and they believe that some are using it as a stepping stone to permanently relocate here.

The rules would be tightened by the ministers, who would then permit students to bring their partners and any dependent children as long as they are able to support them.

It is believed that ministers are attempting to tighten the regulations so that students may bring their spouses and any dependant children, provided they are able to support themselves.

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The roof, according to the sources, was one of the possible fixes, though a final choice has not yet been made. Suila Braverman, the minister of the interior, and Nadim Zahawi, the minister of the cabinet, are reportedly talking.

If you are a foreign student studying in the UK currently or want to study in the UK in the future, then you will have to have a clear concept as to what it means by “dependent”.

Your partner and children, who are considered “dependants,” may be eligible to apply to move to the UK or extend their stay. If you are enrolled full-time on a postgraduate study (RQF level 7 or higher) lasting nine months or more, a newly sponsored student on a course lasting more than six months, or a participant in the Doctorate Extension Scheme,

A dependent partner or kid is your spouse, your civil partner, your unmarried partner, or your child under the age of 18 – regardless of whether they were born in the UK while you were there.

When you apply, you must present proof of your relationship, such as a birth certificate for your child and a marriage or civil partnership certificate for your partner.

Nadhim Zahawi, a minister in the Cabinet Office, told Sky News that although having international students is great for our communities and universities, it is not appropriate for them to bring five or six dependents with them since the government needs to ensure that they are coming to this country to study legally.

It would be a rare exception, according to one education expert, for a student to bring up to six dependents with them. Although it is challenging to determine exact numbers, James Pitman, managing director at the global education firm Study Group, asserts that this kind of incident is a rare exception.

“In most cases, the only students permitted to bring a partner and children are postgraduate mature students, including those pursuing PhD studies. Many of these students and their dependents are sponsored by governments that the UK government wishes to maintain good relations with,” said James Pitman.

Each dependent must have either £845 per month (for up to nine months) for courses in London or £680 per month (for up to nine months) for courses outside of London, he said, adding that if a student brought six dependents, they would need to show “large financial reserves.”

In addition to tuition expenses, that comes to a total of £42,480, plus an additional £10,000 for living expenses in London, to bring six dependents to the UK. Any notion that international students would burden the UK is untrue, according to Mr. Pitman, who added that students would also have to pay a sizable upfront NHS premium.