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Jurisprudence Dissertation

Jurisprudence is a really fascinating area of law to study. If you are a student studying jurisprudence, you should be searching for an outstanding dissertation topic that will highlight your knowledge and experience in your area of study. You can choose from the list of a few highly significant and pertinent Jurisprudence Dissertation Topics in this article for writing your dissertation.

What is jurisprudence?

When we refer to jurisprudence as a legal discipline, we do not mean to study a specific body of legislation or body of law but rather to examine its concepts, principles, and philosophical underpinnings generally. Jurisprudence, or the study of the science of law, is the study of how the legal system functions. The study or philosophy of law is called jurisprudence. The theoretical investigation of the legitimacy of law is called jurisprudence, or legal theory.

Some of the very best Jurisprudence Dissertation Topics:

Some of the most well-known academic writers and researchers have contributed to this page because they have accumulated extensive expertise over many years and know which dissertation topics will impact their fields. Look over the following topics for your Jurisprudence Dissertation and study their aims to determine which one best suit you. Pick a topic that intrigues you and looks both useful and interesting.

A common set of internationally recognised moral precepts is necessary for ensuring human rights. Discuss.

Aim: The body of law dissertation known as international human rights law is concerned with defending fundamental human rights for all people everywhere. However, other regimes and governments may have the resources to develop a workaround. In order to ensure that every human being can have equal rights, at least on paper, this dissertation will attempt to address the topic of why it is crucial to have a shared set of moral principles that are internationally recognized.

Should euthanasia be recognised as a human right under the law?

Aim: The deliberate taking of a life to end suffering is known as euthanasia. Many nations forbid it, and others only permit it under specific circumstances. Many people contend that if a person requests to be put to death by themselves for any kind of justifiable reason, then it should be legally permitted and medically carried out. This dissertation tries to determine if euthanasia should be regarded as a human right in certain circumstances and, if so, how it may be legally regulated.

Difference between “legalizing” an act and “decriminalizing” it.

Aim: Many behaviours or phenomena have been decriminalised but not legalised in various nations. Now, each has advantages and disadvantages of their own. The purpose of this dissertation is to clarify the distinctions between decriminalisation and legalisation and to explain why some behaviours and events are decriminalised while others are legalised. Also, a comparison was done on the advantages and disadvantages of both.

A study on the advantages and disadvantages of jury trials.

Aim: Jury trials are no longer common in many democracies, but they are still used often in others and in some circumstances. There may be several benefits and drawbacks to jury trials. This study aims to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of jury trials, how they have influenced the outcomes of various important cases, and why certain nations no longer employ them.


Jurisprudence aids a lawyer in understanding the fundamental concepts and logic of written law. They are able to determine the true meaning of the legislation and gain a deeper understanding of its foundations. The study of jurisprudence encompasses a variety of topics, including custom, legislation, precedent as a source of law, the advantages and disadvantages of codifying laws, judicial interpretation and its process, investigation into the administration of justice, and more.

There are many excellent topics to pick from because the study of law is so broad and complex. You should start by concentrating on broader areas of research before gradually boiling it down to a more narrowly focused area of research in order to find an exceptional jurisprudence dissertation topic that fits your needs and suits you. Make sure the topic you select has the capacity to be developed and elaborated into a full-fledged dissertation. Your topic should attempt to address a problem, a query, or just an issue that is significant and pertinent to your field of study.

The study of law covers a lot of ground. Every concept pertaining to human behaviour and organisation is included. Everything related to social and political order is included in it. Lawyers are skilled at logically analysing legal topics because they have a firm grasp of jurisprudence. By knowing the nature of law, its notions, and its distinctions, a lawyer can determine the actual rule of law. You can be sure that studying this subject will give you the opportunity to explore a range of legal options, from academic to practical ones.