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International Law

Are you a law student who is interested in studying international law, sometimes referred to as public international law or the law of nations? Well, to earn your degree in this subject as a student pursuing any higher educational qualification, you will be required to submit an impeccable dissertation, and to write a fantastic dissertation, you will need a decent research topic. This article brings to you some of the very best International Law Dissertation Topics that you can choose from to write your dissertation on.

Let’s first explore the definition of international law in more detail:

The corpus of legal rules, norms, and standards that apply between sovereign states and other entities that are legally recognised as international parties constitute the very specialised body of law known as international law. International Law is viewed as being comparable to the regular laws of a state that are binding on the populace.

Topics for a Dissertation on International Law:

A list of some highly fascinating, significant, and pertinent dissertation topics has been put together by a group of prominent academics with years of expertise in the fields of academic writing and academic research. Choose the subject that most interests and motivates you from the choices below.

How can international law protect the rights of minorities under hostile, non-tolerant regimes?

Aim: International human rights law is a subset of international law that guarantees that all people have a certain set of fundamental human rights. States take on obligations and duties under international law to respect, preserve, and uphold human rights when they ratify international treaties. The goal of this study is to examine how international law safeguards those citizens who live under intolerant, hostile regimes.

A critical study on the International Critical Legal Code: Does it need modifications or rectifications?

Aim: International law has a specific code that must be followed; it is not just a haphazard collection of laws with many different implementations. The goal of this research project is to establish whether this code needs to be amended, modified, or corrected, and if so, which portion of the legislation needs to be amended and how.

What legal obligations do Israel and Palestine have under the international peace treaty?

Aim: A pair of accords known as the Oslo Accords were made between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization. In addition, the international peace treaty imposes legal obligations on both parties to adhere to specific rules. This dissertation will examine how Israel and Palestine are upholding or failing to uphold their various obligations under the international peace treaty.

International War Crimes Tribunals: What are they and why are they important?

Aim: International war crimes tribunals are a distinct kind of court that deals with war criminals who have perpetrated atrocities against various countries and ethnic groups while at war. These tribunals are overseen by the International Criminal Court. The purpose of this dissertation is to characterise international war crime tribunals and explain their significance and relevance in the modern world.


International law outlines the obligations that governments and regimes have under international law, both to one another and to the people who live inside their borders. International law essentially consists of guidelines and norms guiding how governments interact with their own citizens as well as with those of other nations.

Public international law, private international law, and supranational law are the three main categories under which international law can be broadly classified. International organisations, national governments, and occasionally even private citizens are all covered under public international law. Supranational law, also known as comparative law, is the study of the interactions between different legal systems. Private international law deals with relationships between individuals in various legal jurisdictions, as well as occasionally between businesses, corporations, and other legal entities.

You can relax knowing that you have chosen one of the best legal specialties if you are a student studying this topic. The study of international law is very significant and in high demand. Even though you might have to start off small as a practising lawyer and work your way up gradually, it will all be worthwhile. On the other hand, if you decide to pursue teaching, there will be plenty of places available for you, as this area of law is in fact vigorously pursued.

  • You can only write a decent dissertation if you have a good topic to write about; therefore, choose something that has current relevance to your life. The introduction, literature review, research methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion chapters are also necessary for a strong dissertation. Make sure you finish it off with a References and Citations page that follows the guidelines.