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How to submit an assignment in Google Classroom?

New technologies are evolving in the segment of education which has redefined the way students learn, retain information and submit assignments. When it comes to the submission of academic assignments, Google classroom is an evolution. Google Classroom is a free blended education podium developed by Google for academic institutions that aim to simplify preparing, allocating, and classifying assignments. The main objective of Google Classroom is to streamline the method of sharing files between instructors and students.

Google Classroom incorporates a gamut of Google Applications for Learning, like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Gmail, and Google Calendar into a consistent podium to accomplish student and teacher interaction. Students can be requested to join a class through a private “class code” or be imported mechanically from a school realm. Teachers can generate, allocate and spot assignments all in the Google domain. Each class creates a distinct folder in the individual user’s Google Drive, where the student can submit work to be graded by a teacher. Assignments and due dates are added to Google Calendar, where each assignment can belong to a category or topic. Teachers can evaluate each student’s evolvement by scrutinizing the review history of a file, and after being grouped, instructors can return work along with remarks and grades. But many students don’t know how to do it. Therefore, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to submit a project in Google Classroom from the experts of assignment help London

Steps by step techniques to submit assignments in Google classroom

  • Go to the “Classwork” section on the website of your desktop or app installed on your mobile.
  • “View assignment” and then choose the “Add or create” option located below the “Your work” menu.
  • Links and attachments on Google Drive, consisting of a file, presentation, sheet, sketch, or PDF file, can all be uploaded and submitted in Google Classroom.
  • You can upload several files, submit assignments, and leave notes for your instructor in Google Classroom.

Guidelines for Novices

Google Classroom has revolutionised learning and it has brought students and teachers on the same platform Like assignment help London, it is expected to ease the process of delivering projects digitally  From measuring the performance of the students to managing them, it has enriched the learning experience. Here are the guidelines for novices.

  1. Open the internet browser and visit
  2.  Select your class
  3. Click on “Classwork” located at the top of the dashboard
  4. Tap or click on an assignment, then choose “View Assignment.”
  5. Under “Your Work,” select “Add or Create.”
  6. Then click on “Google Drive” to fix a file you’ve already made and stored in your drive by selecting it from the file window that comes on the monitor. If you have many documents, attach them all this way.
  7. To leave a private remark for your teacher, enter it in the suitably labelled text box on the right. Then click the small triangular “paper airplane” icon to post it.
  8. Next, tap “Turn in” or “Mark as done” to approve your acquiescence and alter the assignment position to “Turned in.” 

If you’re still having trouble in submitting the assignment in Google classroom, then read the above-mentioned steps and guidelines thoroughly. It will help you understand the digital platform perfectly and ways of using it.

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