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How to ask for an extension on an assignment?

Whether it is a case study or dissertation, every academic assignment comes with a deadline. It is when life becomes stressful especially with so many of them to be handled simultaneously. It is a usual practice for the students then to reach out to your assessor or professor and ask them to allow more time to execute the task. There are many reasons why you might need an extended deadline. It could be a miscalculation of time, inability to understand the topic due to its complexity or any other thing. In such cases, you need to opt for dissertation writing help from professionals. So, what is an extension deadline? An extension deadline is an additional period that can be requested to an assessor by a student to finish the allocated projects. When you cannot prepare it within a specific due date, you can request them to extend the deadline. Here are some tips and strategies to follow for getting the nod:

Decide if an extension is a probability

For some assignments, a delay in submission for a day or two, won’t count much. But this is not possible in some projects because of a strict schedule. For preventing these kinds of situations from occurring in a law dissertation or MBA dissertation, it is best to ask at the beginning about flexibility in time and chalk out strategies to complete it. 

Don’t put in a request at the last moment

If you‘re slow in your writing approach, then feel free to discuss with your evaluator. Don’t come with requests at the last minute because they can backfire or get rejected. 

State a reliable reason

 Explain the reasons for the delay. Is it due to a power cut? Or was it your illness? The reason should be viable and acceptable. Go for dissertation writing help from the experts if you’re not looking to miss the deadline.

Provide evidence of the work done so far

Make your assessor familiar with your current progress and tell them how much is pending.

Set a new deadline and stick to it

After determining the length of the extension, put in a new deadline and adhere to it, after assuming the volume of work left to avoid missing the second deadline. If you cannot complete the paper due to lack of time, you may have to bifurcate it into smaller parts and set realistic goals.

Ensure it doesn’t happen again

Scrutinise your work agenda and ensure that you can keep deferment at bay in future, facilitate improved time management and brighten your future. Consider scaling back on some projects, if essential. 

Shoot extension emails

For people in stimulating or unanticipated situations, however, extension e-mails are common. But while sending the email, you need to follow the right format. Always remember that you’re asking for favour so always be courteous and upright. You can also have a formal conversation and make an in-person approach to your professor if you’re hesitating to send an email. Extension mails are the ideal approach for any subject be it law dissertation, MBA dissertation, economics dissertation, statistics dissertation, geography dissertation etc.

Express your gratitude to the professor

When you’ve received the green signal for the extension, express your gratitude to the professor, and show your regret for the inconvenience caused. Follow the rules and guidelines when asking for an extension on an assignment. It will help you get some relief and shrug off your burden to a great extent. You will also be able to extend the length of your submission and deliver a high-quality paper that exceeds the expectations of the professors.

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