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How Do I Get My Assignment Done in One Day?

How Do I Get My Assignment Done in One Day?

An approaching deadline is the primary source of the urge to complete an Assignment under a day and anxiety for many students. Even we consider this kind of situation an emergency it is better to be safe than sorry and prepare ourselves for the last minute assignment. Honestly, nobody wants that kind of gruelling pressure to be a motivating factor for productive work.

While this may come as good news that one can write 2000 to 3000 words a day, we can adopt several strategies to diminish the soul-devouring panic.

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Preparation is the Key to Finishing the homework, in under 24 hours.

Here are some psychological and Health tips to carry out the best when it comes to finishing your pending homework assignment.

  1. Wake up Early: Whether you are a morning person or not, you must learn this productivity skill to prepare yourself for the dreaded last-minute assignment marathon. An early-morning person is the same as a night-owl in terms of time. But the pacified state of mind is what helps to focus on the work at hand. Count this as an advantage while focusing on the work at hand. So cultivate this cornerstone habit starting from today.
  2. Keep your gut Happy: Do not eat junk foods to avoid intestinal or stomach infection, swelling, and gas-related problems. Want to have fast food? Eat an Apple. Zero preparation time. Also, keeps the doctor away. The point is to eat what is good for your gut so that you don’t have to face irritability while working on your assignments. Protip is to incorporate Yoghurt into your diet.
  3. Parkinson’s Law: Work expands itself to fill the time available for its completion. This psychological bias makes us procrastinate. So, got a day? Make it half. Give yourself a time frame of 12 hours to complete the pending homework.
  4. Pareto principle: Now, how to achieve this? We have got your back. Popularly known as the 80-20 Principle among productivity enthusiasts and Businessmen, the Pareto Principle states that 20% of your work yields 80% of the results. So it is the 20% of the most important work you have to identify that can significantly increase your chances of completing the majority of the assignment. This reduces stress significantly.
  5. Time-Blocking: Another cornerstone skill that you need to master is the art of time-blocking. It can help you structure your day to properly utilize each and every minute of it.
  6. Chunking and Grouping: To produce more work in a shorter period of time incorporate chunking and grouping strategies into your arsenal.
  7. Basically, break bigger projects into smaller manageable chunks.
  8. And, group similar tasks together to beat the adverse effect of multitasking.

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On the day of the Assignment:

Here is What to do on the day of the homework assignment.

  • Create the atmosphere:

Start your day with a fresh and energizing breakfast to give your body and mind enough energy to stay organized. Find a suitable study place, as it is probably the most crucial thing to do. Turn off your phone and remove all distractions from your surroundings.

  • Create a Task List:

All your homework assignments have specific objectives, and you should know them to make sure you are on track. Know what is required exactly. Make a simple checklist consisting of all the tasks you need to get done. Use chunking and grouping for this.

  • Set micro-deadlines:

Efficient time management can make all the difference to your achievement. Set achievable goals. Do brainstorming, outlining and referencing. Adhere to your timetable very strictly. Set up micro-deadlines for all the tasks. Take tiny breaks often to clear your mind.

  • Outline your essay

Write down multiple keywords and points, which you are going to cover in your content. Use bullet points and easily list all the data, arguments and assumptions on each of the outlined points. Ultimately, you will see that outlining your assignment using this method is very effective to visualize the entire project in a big picture and is very time effective.

  • Get feedback:

Ask your friends for peer-review. If at home, ask parents or siblings whenever possible to give constructive feedback on your work.

This way will bypass all the common mistakes. Remember that when your deadline is short, it is much more reliable to plan for reviewers beforehand. If no one is near you, review your own work and make an effort to find gaps in the information or logic flow. These are our top suggestions for writing an assignment in one day. Our writers are experts at doing this – so if you are still stuck, contact us now to find out how we compose your custom online assignment help as we usually do for our London clientele.