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Theatre Studies Dissertation Topics

100 Theatre Studies Dissertation Topics Help Ranging from Elementary to Advanced Study

Students of Theatre Studies and Dramaturgy who desire higher studies must write a dissertation paper to obtain their grade certificate. But typically, deciding on an appropriate topic to write an authentic thesis often becomes an exasperating undertaking for the students in this field. For this cause, we at the British Dissertation Help website offer dissertation topics help from professional academic writers. They are a team of dedicated professionals to assist students in writing stellar papers to ensure stellar grades in their Theatre Studies courses. Before we see some of the Theatre Studies Dissertation Topics ideas, here are some hints you can consider for formulating a unique set of topics on your own:

  • Dramaturgy
  • Constantin Stanislavsky
  • Stella Adler
  • Sanford Meisner
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • William Shakespeare
  • Anton Chekhov
  • Michael Checkhov
  • Theatrics and Histrionics
  • Scene Study
  • Character Study
  • Social Influence
  • Audio Theatre 
  • Films and Theatre

100 Best Theatre Studies Dissertation Topics Ideas for Thesis

General Topics for Theatre Studies Dissertation 

  • 1. How theatre enactment of drama can explore the root causes and human behaviour behind social issues
  • 2. Influence of Greek and Hindu mythology on Theatrics and Dramaturgy
  • 3. A discussion on the contribution of William Shakespeare to modern theatre and Drama
  • 4. A discussion on the origins of theatre in ancient Greece and how it is related to Dionysus and Thespis
  • 5. A comparative study between the techniques of displaying a drama scene on-screen and on-stage
  • 6. A narrative review of adaptation of theatre into cinema
  • 7. Exploring the connections between the practice of drama in theatres and the Harlem renaissance
  • 8. The principles and applications of Creative Dramatics in the theatre of the UK
  • 9. A comprehensive review of social stigma related to the Elizabethan Actors
  • 10. The concepts of set design in modern theatre: An investigation into the improvisation tactics
  • 11. Importance of team building in the light of contemporary drama and theatre management
  • 12. The evolution of drama from the Theatrical stage to the screen 
  • 13. The adaptation of Theatrical cut in Cinemas and how it differs from the Director’s cut
  • 14. A comprehensive analysis of the Shakespearean Historical Dramas in the light of the modern contemporary 
  • 15. Exploring the different phases of Greek Tragedy and how it influences modern Theatrical acting elements
  • 16. A case study of the Japanese Kabuki Theatre as a unique artform
  • 17. The musical aspect of Chinese theatre and how it determined the modern Chinese films
  • 18. A extensive study into the various types of Theatrical stages and phases of Drama production in the ’80s
  • 19. The extensive works of Tennessee Williams and their influence on modern theatre
  • 20. Understanding Eysenck’s Wheel in developing characters with regards to producing excellent acting performances
  • 21. The significance of expression, countenance in Acting: Finding effective methods to systematise rendering immaculate expressions 
  • 22. Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions and its applications in the Trait theory of personality development
  • 23. Improvisation in Acting: Chekhov’s method and its applications
  • 24. Character study in school drama classes and the use of Enneagrams to categorise theatrical personalities
  • 25. How the art of direction can bring stories to life: A qualitative analysis
  • 26. Group Therapy and the application of Roleplay in Theatrical Style
  • 27. How effectively do television dramas portray the family values of the modern US: An investigation
  • 28. A systematised approach in Theatrical Scene study: Understanding the methods and their utility
  • 29. Importance of workshops to enhance performance skills in drama students working in theatres: A qualitative study
  • 30. A Brief Account of the most significant Chronological events in the study of Dramaturgy and Histrionics
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Theatre Studies Dissertation Topics Help for Thesis

  • 31. Understanding the Stanislavsky system of acting and how it brought realism in US theatre
  • 32. How Meisner technique changed the definition of acting forever in theatres and cinema
  • 33. Discussing the Method of acting by Strassberg and its application in modern theatres and the film industry
  • 34. Exploring the concepts in the Natyashastra: the oldest treatise on Histrionics, Theatrics and Dramaturgy written in India
  • 35. Blacksploitation: Understanding the status of African American expression in the society through theatres studies
  • 36. Understanding the influence of race and dramatics in the production of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  • 37. “The Diary of Anne Frank:” How the Holocaust has its reflection in the general art form of the post-WWII world
  • 38. Understanding Minimalism through the interrogation of Nathan Hale and how it shaped a nation’s structure
  • 39. Hippocrates’s theory of personality and how it shaped the character development in ancient greek dramas
  • 40. Portrayal of War in theatre: A case study of South Pacific
  • 41. How Self-documentation can improve participatory performance: Assessing the pedagogical potential
  • 42. Exploring Drama as a medium of anti-bullying intervention
  • 43. Theatrical production and Film production: Similarities and Differences
  • 44. Stella Adler acting technique and the importance of aristocracy for a budding actor
  • 45. Uta Hagen’s method of acting: Exploring a refined acting system
  • 46. An Actor prepares: A timeless gem for actors
  • 47. Character development and understanding the seven questions of Stanislavsky
  • 48. Extreme applications of emotional recall technique proposed by Lee Strasberg
  • 49. How Sanford Meisner produced world-class actors with his repetition technique: A comprehensive study of the inner working of the Meisner’s technique
  • 50. Michael Chekhov and the six questions for a given circumstance: Exploring a rudimentary method in Theatrical Scene Study

Research Topics for Theatre Studies Dissertation

  • 51. How performing psychologically vigorous roles in Theatres can act as a healing therapy for less confident actors
  • 52. Understanding the comic timing of actors across different countries
  • 53. How performing in drama and theatres improve the self-confidence of high school children
  • 54. A psychometric analysis of the effects of involvement in drama in the facilitation of leadership among the young adults
  • 55. The role of drama in boosting imagination and cognitive development in children: An investigation
  • 56. The relation between music and theatre: A brief history of musical theatres in the light of modern filmmaking
  • 57. A study of the most successful English actors in the Hollywood film industry and finding a relation of their performance with regards to their background in the theatres
  • 58. Broadway: History, Opportunities and Future
  • 59. The influence of WWII on the European Drama and Theatrics
  • 60. Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”: How contemporary theatre influenced a movie about “Good old Ultraviolence.”
  • 61. Theatrical influences on “The Wizard of Oz”: A narrative study
  • 62. How the Three Theban plays successfully depicts civil disobedience: An in-depth study
  • 63. An overview of the works of Rodgers and Hammerstein on transcending contemporary musical theatres
  • 64. Fighting gentrification through applied theatre practices: A case study of Majorca, Spain
  • 65. Portrayal of violence in American theatres: A closer look into the Drama of Violence
  • 66. Importance of acting drills and small acting games in developing the natural performance abilities in elementary school children
  • 67. The evolution of Stage combat from theatrical practices to the modern film stunts
  • 68. Importance of field research in theatre studies in universities of the UK
  • 69. Why is screen acting techniques subtler than stage acting techniques
  • 70. Importance of the practice of comical exaggeration in theatre acting: A brief history
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Miscellaneous Theatre Studies Dissertation Topics Ideas

  • 71. A close look into homosexuality in contemporary theatres
  • 72. The application of multiple intelligence theory with regards to Dramaturgy and Theatrics: A study on Howard Gardner
  • 73. How incorporating drama and theatrics in the school curriculum can improve the development of thinking, emotional intelligence and kinesthetic skills in the children
  • 74. A comprehensive analysis of Galen’s four personality traits and their utility in applied theatrical acting
  • 75. Operetta and Sweeney Todd’s works on emotion: A qualitative study
  • 76. Understanding the influence of Radio drama in the pre-television era of entertainment
  • 77. Audio theatre in the popular culture and its impact on contemporary voice acting gigs
  • 78. The evolution of Choreography techniques over time and its status in contemporary theatre and art films
  • 79. Understanding the contribution of Constantin Stanislavsky, Michael Checkhov, Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner in bringing realism to American theatres and films
  • 80. Philosophy of Acting and how it relates to the ‘Rasa’ Theory of Indian Dramaturgy
  • 81. Why social issues get regarded as the best material for crafting appealing stories for films and theatre
  • 82. The Sea-gull by Anton Chekhov: A case study into various staged performances of a play
  • 83. Exploring Trauma, Terror in Modern Horror: A comprehensive form study
  • 84. Open-air settings for a theatre: The correct methods for reproducing a hall experience
  • 85. Dressing down culture in Opera House: A comparison to the theatre Culture
  • 86. Community based theatres: A case study of the Visit theatre company
  • 87. Influence of Bengali Dramas upon the freedom struggle of India in the British colonial period
  • 88. Roles and responsibilities of the Technical Crew in a successful Theatrical production
  • 89. How dramaturgy can build an amicable relationship between indigenous and emigrant people
  • 90. The cultural boycott of Israel and what it shows about the limits of Cultural solidarity
  • 91. Exoticism in Neo-Burlesque: A negotiation
  • 92. The role of interface developing metaphors in interactive dramaturgy
  • 93. How the Canadian theatre, film and television is affected by the diverse cultural backgrounds of actors with regards to training and performances
  • 94. Exploring Somatic Acting Process: A new emerging body-movement-based acting practice
  • 95. Significance of SAP for contemporary Actor Training in UK theatres
  • 96. Satirical Activism in theatres: How cruel and unusual performances like Capital punishment became a crucial element in American theatres
  • 97. Exploring rural gender identity in American music theatre
  • 98. Understanding Drama as a Method of Communication
  • 99. Moscow art theatre and the contribution of Michael Chekhov in contemporary Russian Dramas
  • 100. Exploring the psycho-physical approach of Michael Chekhov for creating appealing characters

Concluding Reflection

This marks the end of a thorough compilation of 100 most relevant Theatre Studies Dissertation Topics Ideas so that you can start composing an exceptional dissertation thesis. If you need expert help for the entire dissertation assignment, from topic selection to proofreading, opt for our premium Theatre Studies dissertation topics help without further hesitation. Visit us at the British Dissertation Help website and connect with our professional academic writers to receive a rapid response. You can avail yourself of the chance of unlimited reviews and edits on your dissertation project for absolutely free of cost if you book your dissertation project with us.
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