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Sports Management

50 Fantastic Sports Management Research Topic Ideas for University Students

It’s a tall order for undergraduate and postgraduate students to acquire a degree in sports management. For making sure, you get the best grade, it is vital to select an interesting topic at first. But if you get Sports Management topic ideas for research from professionals, it will bring an end to all the issues, struggles, and challenges. Here are 50 sports management research ideas enlisted below, which will help you to curate a high-quality paper.

Sports Management Topics related to evolution and development of games

  1. An exploration of the innovative techniques that should be introduced in different sports for bringing on improvement 
  2. How has technology evolved in various sports with the passage of time? A survey
  3. Positive effects of sporting activities in enhancing the performance of brain of children
  4. Ways sports contribute to the overall growth of toddlers in school
  5. How have the norms been modified in Basketball over the period, and what is its implication?
  6. A study on the evolution of football and looking at the changes in the rules in the past few years.
  7. The game of tennis as an art

Sports Management Topics involving player selection

  1. An evaluation of selection criteria for players of different sports for their national teams?
  2. How could a sports policy be defective in the choosing of the players?
  3. What rules need to be executed in the sports committee selection?
  4. An assessment of the corruption that takes place while selecting players
  5. An appraisal of the various methods of choosing high-quality players based on their skills

Sports Management Topics revolving around diverse issues and challenges

  1. Effect of violent activities in different sports
  2. An appraisal of safety issues in the game of football and strategies to prevent injuries in players
  3. Banning of steroid substances in sports: A comprehensive investigation
  4. Administrative problems in sports: An in-depth analysis
  5. Establishing the link between ticket pricing, seating arrangements, and sports management
  6. A study on alcohol abuse in various gaming events in the UK
  7. A review on ethical challenges and practices in different sports
  8. A methodical review of elite sports and performance in the UK
  9. Adoption of environment-friendly campaigns and sustainable practices in sports management: Analysing the advantages
  10. Effective management of risks in professional football.
  11. An evaluation of the ways risk factors like demanding competition and sluggish economic development impact football at the professional level.
  12. Significance of Olympic Games in the modern era? A report
  13. Tracing back at the history of the Olympic Games and its relevance today among the people.
  14. Sports administration and various management approach.
  15. A comprehensive study on the growth of the golf industry.
  16. A study of sports and gender stratification.
  17. An investigation into the problem of match-fixing in sports management: Taking a look at the loopholes in the domain of sports
  18. A critical study on the prospects of sports management? How technology has transformed and made its presence felt to it

Sports Management Research Topic dealing with player injuries and their fitness

  1. A study on players’ different muscular and skeletal injuries during weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding.
  2. Application of elastic therapeutic tape for treating shoulder injury in athletes and how it contributes to the rehabilitation
  3. How do overtraining activities have adverse effects on athletes’ muscles in sports?
  4. Ways to get rid of muscle fatigue and overtraining issues: An exploration
  5. A review of the various rehabilitation methods after a sports competition. 
  6. How are medicines effective in treating injuries in sports?
  7. The life expectancy of athletes? An analysis of their longevity
  8. Why is dislocation of joints inevitable in sports?
  9. Ailments suffered during sports and how sportspersons can evade or curtail the danger without any medicines.
  10. The mental condition of a sportsperson after suffering a severe injury. How to surmount the fear of sports injuries?
  11. Ways injuries in players can trigger mental health degradation in the life of any sportsperson and methods to deal with it.
  12. Different types of sports injuries and how to avoid them.
  13. Athletes must train under the leadership of an instructor. Is working out under expert supervision curbs the chances of injuries.
  14. How to deal with sports injuries triggered by powerlifting? What role does the bad form have in causing injuries to players?

Sports management topics related to the profession

  1. Challenges encountered by sports managers in the contemporary world of sports
  2. A review of sports culture in third world countries 
  3. A historical attitude to the evolution of sports management
  4. Interpreting the domain of sports management? A critical analysis 
  5. Sports financing and administration. Elucidating loopholes in sports management financial embezzlement
  6. How to end the corruption in world sporting bodies around the globe? 

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